lazada claiming full compliance against first news allegation Lazada claiming full compliance against First News' allegation

21:55 | 12/09/2020

Both sides are sticking to their guns, with First News pressing its lawsuit and Lazada claiming full compliance with the law.

foreign investors request prosecution and arrest of huy nhat Foreign investors request prosecution and arrest of Huy Nhat

21:23 | 13/07/2020

Four foreign investors petitioned Vietnamese authorities to prosecute and take Huy Nhat into custody for appropriating $25 million from them.

vas expells 40 students as next shot in tuition dispute VAS expells 40 students as next shot in tuition dispute

17:08 | 06/07/2020

VAS notified 40 families that their children are not allowed to return next year after they missed tuition fees that are still subject to debate.

upholding verdict in vinasun grab bad precedent for tech companies Upholding verdict in Vinasun-Grab: Bad precedent for tech companies

17:01 | 11/03/2020

The recent move to uphold the first instance judgment of the Vinasun and Grab case has sparked concerns that it sets a bad precedent for ...

court of appeal upholds verdict in lawsuit between vinasun and grab Court of Appeal upholds verdict in lawsuit between Vinasun and Grab

10:14 | 11/03/2020

On March 10, the Supreme People's Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City issued the verdict to the prolonged debate between Vinasun and Grab Vietnam.

ree supported vsh to win the battle REE supported VSH to win the battle

14:00 | 23/11/2019

After acquiring 21.01 per cent of VSH, REE Corporation supported the company to win the battle against the Chinese contractor, saving over $86.96 million.

bfc lix hvt code of vinachem blocked due to lawsuit BFC, LIX, HVT code of Vinachem blocked due to lawsuit

18:49 | 09/10/2019

The semi-annual consolidated financial statement of Vinachem showed a steep drop in profit, partially due to its accounts and assets being frozen by the court.

vinasun confidently announces eight fold profit thanks to grab lawsuit Vinasun confidently announces eight-fold profit thanks to Grab lawsuit

12:08 | 03/05/2019

Thanks to winning the lawsuit against Grab, Vinasun expects to reach VND77.1 billion ($3.35 million) in 2019 profit, eight-times as much as in the past ...

fpt capital sue hagl maybe for the seven year ago problem FPT Capital sue HAGL maybe for the seven-year-ago problem

11:56 | 20/10/2018

FPT Capital brings HAGL to court either over its losses from the company's stocks or the chairman reneging on its promise to buy out its ...

fords gear box scandal reaches vietnam Ford's gear-box scandal reaches Vietnam

18:59 | 29/05/2018

Ford Vietnam is committed to resolve Vietnamese customers' complaints in relate to Powership gear-boxes' huge defects.

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