labour disruption in industry 40 Labour disruption in Industry 4.0

09:00 | 08/02/2019

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, applying technology and automation in manufacturing is a critical solution for businesses to deal with the disruption of labour as ...

new collar jobs moving away from traditional blue and white collar distinction New Collar” jobs: Moving Away from traditional blue and white collar distinction

14:00 | 07/01/2019

A major GDP contributor, the sector continues to post significant growth as the country strengthens its position as a global lower-cost manufacturing hub.

manpowergroup announces scholarships to upskill next generation ManpowerGroup announces scholarships to upskill next generation

20:47 | 06/12/2018

ManpowerGroup announced its scholarship programme for Vietnamese students to help them reskill and upskill to adapt to the high requirements of the digital age.

cptpp expects to help vietnam advance in labour reforms CPTPP expects to help Vietnam advance in labour reforms

12:26 | 15/11/2018

Hanoi - Apart from trade and investment opportunities, experts said participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) offers Vietnam a chance to ...

cptpp to improve vietnamese labour rights CPTPP to improve Vietnamese labour rights

17:49 | 14/11/2018

VIetnamese workers will benefit greatly from the labour clauses of the CPTPP, which are closer to international standards.

shaping future of vietnams labour Shaping future of Vietnam’s labour

14:00 | 20/09/2018

As the country’s population is growing and Industry 4.0 tends to deprive manual labourers of employment opportunities, Vietnam is under great pressure to generate sufficient ...

minimum wage could increase by 53 per cent in 2019 Minimum wage could increase by 5.3 per cent in 2019

16:09 | 13/08/2018

If the National Salary Council’s proposal is approved by the government, the regional minimum wage will be increased by 5.3 per cent in 2019.

outsourcing an important strategy to ease labour shortages Outsourcing - an important strategy to ease labour shortages 1

14:33 | 01/08/2018

Kim Le, outsourcing and staffing manager for North Vietnam of ManpowerGroup, discussed with VIR's Bich Thuy the advantages of the outsourcing service and the future ...

new mou shows manpowergroups drive to upskill vietnamese workforce for 40 era New MoU shows ManpowerGroup’s drive to upskill Vietnamese workforce for 4.0 era

08:00 | 27/06/2018

ManpowerGroup, a world-leader in innovative workforce solutions, has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding to help Vietnamese workforce reskill and upskill. Simon Matthews, country manager ...

cbam sbh offers vocational training opportunity in germany CBAM-SBH offers vocational training opportunity in Germany 1

11:05 | 16/05/2018

As Industrial Revolution 4.0 is setting in, the dual vocational training programme in Germany by CBAM and SBH offers great opportunities for modern workforce.

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