dancing in the streets performers gather for k pop festival Dancing in the streets: Performers gather for K-pop festival

09:40 | 17/10/2019

On the streets, in parks and garages, seven Cuban youngsters spent seven months practising K-pop moves to secure a spot on their dream stage: An ...

k pop star seungri accused of illicit gambling K-pop star Seungri accused of illicit gambling

14:19 | 28/08/2019

Disgraced K-pop star Seungri was questioned by police Wednesday (Aug 28) for illicit overseas gambling, the latest step in a snowballing sex and drugs scandal ...

s korean court to rule on k pop star seungris arrest S. Korean court to rule on K-pop star Seungri's arrest

13:48 | 14/05/2019

South Korean pop star Seungri arrived at court on Tuesday to await a decision on whether he should be arrested over charges including prostitution in ...

k pop lovers festival opens in hanoi K-Pop Lovers Festival opens in Hanoi

16:00 | 13/05/2019

The Republic of Korea’s B-Boy Crew performed at the K-Pop Lovers Festival being held at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square in downtown Hanoi this weekend.

bigbangs seungri to begin military service in march BIGBANG's Seungri to begin military service in March

15:34 | 08/03/2019

Seungri will join the army late this month, becoming the final member of popular K-pop group BIGBANG to undergo his mandatory military service, Korean state ...

south korea retracts guidelines on look alike k pop stars South Korea retracts guidelines on look-alike K-pop stars

17:22 | 20/02/2019

SEOUL: Government guidelines aimed at promoting more diversity in South Korea's K-pop world have been withdrawn after critics said they amounted to state censorship of ...

korean air to raise refund fees after k pop fans board plane just to take pictures of boyband Korean Air to raise refund fees after K-pop fans board plane just to take pictures of boyband

10:08 | 19/12/2018

Korean Air Lines said on Tuesday (Dec 18) it will raise refund penalties after K-pop fans got on a plane only to take pictures of ...

japan tv station cancels k pop band bts performance over nuclear bomb shirt Japan TV station cancels K-pop band BTS performance over nuclear bomb shirt

20:00 | 09/11/2018

A Japanese television station has cancelled a performance by the wildly popular Korean boyband BTS, after controversy erupted over a shirt worn by a member ...

k pop star and boy band to perform in hcm city K-pop star and boy band to perform in HCM City

16:33 | 03/10/2018

Korean pop star Sunmi and boy band Seventeen will perform in a South Korean and Vietnamese exchange concert in HCM City later this month.

boyband bts make k pop history topping us album charts Boyband BTS make K-Pop history topping US album charts

09:49 | 28/05/2018

Korean boyband phenomenon BTS have become the first K-Pop group to rise to the top of the US album charts, a vivid illustration of the ...

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