vietnam to announce ict white book 2020 in december Vietnam to announce ICT White Book 2020 in December

15:09 | 27/08/2020

Vietnam’s ICT White Book will be published before December 20, giving an overview of IT development in the country and orientations for future development.

lenovo launches cloud based managed it services to support smbs Lenovo launches cloud-based managed IT services to support SMBs

11:52 | 24/08/2020

Lenovo on August 21 announced the introduction of Lenovo Managed Services, a suite of tools built to Microsoft specifications and delivered through Lenovo’s indirect model ...

vietnam announces digital transformation plan for pharma industry Vietnam announces digital transformation plan for pharma industry

10:28 | 14/08/2020

The Drug Administration of Vietnam under the Ministry of Health on August 13 announced its digital transformation plan for the pharmaceutical industry.

intek offers unique funding to ease entry into it INTEK offers unique funding to ease entry into IT

11:50 | 04/08/2020

Amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, employment in the IT sector is one the most future-ready career paths youngster can take nowadays.

intek creating diverse challenges for it students INTEK creating diverse challenges for IT students

09:00 | 28/07/2020

Alleviating workforce shortages in the technology industry, the Institute of Applied Technology INTEK is opening opportunities for people from all walks of life to discover ...

setting students on track for career in it Setting students on track for career in IT

08:13 | 18/07/2020

INTEK and TST have recently co-organised the “IT Jobs – Trend or Career?” event, providing young IT enthusiasts with skills and knowledge for the sector.

it skills of young labour force a must for vietnams digital transformation IT skills of young labour force – a must for Vietnam’s digital transformation 

15:28 | 10/07/2020

Investing in infrastructure and the IT skills of the young labour force is a great challenge for Vietnam with Industry 4.0 arriving.

cisco simplifies security for todays accelerated it agenda Cisco simplifies security for today's accelerated IT agenda

10:16 | 23/06/2020

Cisco SecureX will be included with all Cisco Security products to simplify and enhance customer experience.

intek bringing it skills to students INTEK bringing IT skills to students

15:32 | 15/06/2020

INTEK Institute of Applied Technology is taking project-based learning to the next level to equip Vietnamese IT students with the skills they will need in ...

as ot systems become more connected ot security becomes more challenging As OT systems become more connected, OT security becomes more challenging

15:00 | 11/06/2020

A Fortinet and Forrester survey on industry leaders managing and maintaining OT infrastructure reveals the security trends and practices that impact operations.

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