industry first end to end lora solution offers secure key provisioning Industry-first end-to-end LoRa solution offers secure key provisioning

21:10 | 02/02/2019

CryptoAuthentication™ device and managed LoRa join servers enable developers to deploy secure connected applications on LoRaWAN™ networks.

russia will export industry 40 solutions to vietnam Russia will export Industry 4.0 solutions to Vietnam

15:55 | 22/12/2018

ZYFRA reached $30 million in revenue in its first year, facilitating industrial manufacturers. The company plans to enter Vietnam within 2019.

schneider electric to unlock hidden value of industrial assets Schneider Electric to unlock hidden value of industrial assets

09:59 | 12/12/2018

Schneider Electric has partnered up with Transpara to help customers in operationally intensive industries accelerate their digital transformation and IIoT.

boosting remote iot nodes by microchips lora system Boosting remote IoT nodes by Microchip's LoRa system

15:03 | 17/11/2018

To accelerate the development of LoRa-based connected solutions, Microchip Technology Inc. has introduced a highly integrated LoRa System-in-Package family.

abb brings latest tech to smart iot vietnam 2018 ABB brings latest tech to Smart IoT Vietnam 2018

14:18 | 24/10/2018

ABB will showcase its latest IoT technologies built on the ABB Ability digital offering at Smart IoT Vietnam 2018 Exhibition

avnet showcases integrated iot connectivity solutions in vietnam Avnet showcases integrated IoT connectivity solutions in Vietnam

17:35 | 20/09/2018

TechDays of Avnet Asia-Pacific, a global technology solutions company, offered a spectrum of IoT solutions that complement Vietnam’s industries.

using iot to enhance hospitals Using IoT to enhance hospitals

09:07 | 30/07/2018

The demand for quality of life improvements has been rising, which means more and more people expect high-quality and convenient medical care, as well as ...

new micropressure sensors bolster functionality of consumer appliances and medical devices New MicroPressure sensors bolster functionality of consumer appliances and medical devices

12:57 | 01/02/2018

Honeywell launches its new MicroPressure sensors to offer heightened IoT applicability in consumer and medical products.

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