the billion dollar nascent projects of nghe an The billion-dollar nascent projects of Nghe An

11:49 | 20/10/2018

Numerous billion-dollar projects have been stalling for decades due to issues with land clearance and not receiving construction permit.

food poisonings at schools worry parents Food poisonings at schools worry parents

11:45 | 10/10/2018

Two large-scale food poisoning cases last week put 500 students in the hospital and left parents concerned about food safety in the country’s schools.

notorious real estate projects of la vong group Notorious real estate projects of La Vong Group

21:18 | 19/06/2018

La Vong Group has acquired many golden land plots in Hanoi, but very little is known about these deals, prompting a public inspection.

fe credit comes under inspection for wide scale harassment FE Credit comes under inspection for wide-scale harassment

22:48 | 15/05/2018

FE Credit has been calling and bombarding customers with messages demanding payment for loans they never took up, prompting an inspection by SBV.

ceo group in hot water CEO Group in hot water

12:03 | 03/05/2018

CEO Group may face difficulties as its golden goose Sonasea Villas & Resorts appeared on MoC's radar and two other long-delayed projects may be cancelled.

formosa conspicuously missing from monre investigation plan Formosa conspicuously missing from MoNRE investigation plan

12:17 | 02/05/2018

Formosa Group is surprisingly not on MoNRE’s list of enterprises and industrial zones to be inspected this year.

draft of amended law on education raises concerns Draft of amended Law on Education raises concerns

11:05 | 02/05/2018

Proposals for draft amended Law on Education by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), especially regulations on private nurseries, are raising concerns among the ...

mblands high end apartment building violates fire regulations MBLand's high-end apartment building violates fire regulations

12:01 | 26/04/2018

The Hanoi Fire Department has just proposed temporarily evacuating the Golden Field high-end apartment building due to violations of the fire code.

lazada hit again by investigation over complaints of poor quality items Lazada hit again by investigation over complaints of poor-quality items?

21:23 | 12/04/2018

A customer bought a new electronic item on which absolutely cannot be used.

most hanoi apartments dont have fire insurance Most Hanoi apartments don’t have fire insurance

11:56 | 05/04/2018

As of Wednesday, only 179 out of 718 multi-storey apartment buildings in Hanoi had fire insurance, according to the Hanoi Fire Prevention and Control Police ...

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