curbed inflation eases concerns Curbed inflation eases concerns

08:00 | 12/11/2020

The big rise in public investment disbursement will not cause high inflation this year due to a decline in public and business demand and oil ...

averting inflation due to excess cash in the system Averting inflation due to excess cash in the system

09:59 | 29/09/2020

As many companies cope with debts caused by the economic fallout due to the pandemic, they are unable to take loans for maintaining or expanding ...

averting the risks of possible deflation Averting the risks of possible deflation

12:54 | 12/05/2020

The world is seeing numerous monetary stimulation packages applied by nations to support businesses suffering during the pandemic – however, too much money with too ...

modest inflation expected for 2020 Modest inflation expected for 2020

12:54 | 12/05/2020

Despite a four-month high in the consumer price index, Vietnam will likely be successful in reining in inflation this year thanks to a decline in ...

2020 inflation rate rides on outbreak eventualities 2020 inflation rate rides on outbreak eventualities

08:00 | 11/03/2020

Vietnam is likely to experience difficulties in controlling inflation this year due to global uncertainties and unexpected price rises of many items in the local ...

macro economy stabilised inflation controlled Macro-economy stabilised, inflation controlled

15:10 | 23/10/2018

In 2018, the macro-economy has been kept stable, inflation placed under control, and economic growth boosted higher than the middle-term economic prospect to reach 6.7pc.

credit growth must be controlled Credit growth must be controlled

10:08 | 16/10/2018

Authorities need to closely control the rapid increase in Vietnam’s credit-to-GDP gap so as not to cause high inflation as in the past, experts have ...

fuel prices set to put pressure on inflation Fuel prices set to put pressure on inflation

15:12 | 11/10/2018

Increases in environmental protection taxes on petroleum from the beginning of next year would weigh heavily on inflation, especially as fuel prices rise worldwide, according ...

inflation under control deputy pm Inflation under control: Deputy PM

10:52 | 29/09/2018

Despite complicated changes in the world situation, Vietnam has shown strong performance in stabilizing prices and reining in inflation, keeping the average at only 3.57 ...

chinese inflation picks up in august amid tariffs war Chinese inflation picks up in August amid tariffs war

21:17 | 10/09/2018

China's consumer price inflation rose more than expected in August, official data showed Monday, after Beijing's first wave of tariffs on US goods came into ...

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