visa issues 2020 predictions infographic Visa issues 2020 predictions infographic

20:31 | 12/02/2020

Visa has issued five visions and predictions to keep in mind, which will supply basic luggage to help people be confident to enter 2020 and ...

tektalks for future it hero TEKTalks for Future IT Hero

08:00 | 31/01/2020

INTEK, one of Vietnam’s leading IT training institutes, recently launched a new initiative to nurture skilled IT engineers for Vietnam in the era of Industry ...

why skillset matters in industry 40 Why skillset matters in Industry 4.0

14:00 | 30/01/2020

Vietnam is entering a new development decade amid global changes, with disruptive Industry 4.0 technologies widely influencing society and economic development, which requires growing demand ...

digitalising smes road to success Digitalising SMEs’ road to success

10:00 | 29/01/2020

Digital transformation is not only a trend but also a must for small- and medium-sized enterprises as Industry 4.0 sweeps across the globe – while ...

crafting a workable ppp law in 2020 Crafting a workable PPP law in 2020

08:00 | 29/01/2020

As Vietnam prepares to enter a new development period in 2021 amid global economic changes and the widespread influence of Industry 4.0 and free trade ...

sbv sets new course to board industry 40 in banking sector SBV sets new course to board Industry 4.0 in banking sector

08:00 | 28/01/2020

To keep up with the ever-evolving technology, banks have to be well-positioned to engage with the new wave of digitally empowered customers.

vietnam business forum opens in hanoi on friday Vietnam Business Forum opens in Hanoi on Friday

14:46 | 10/01/2020

The role and support of the business community in rapid and sustainable development is a key part of the annual Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) held ...

raft of new measures to aid business prospects Raft of new measures to aid business prospects

09:03 | 08/01/2020

Investors will enjoy more favourable conditions with regards to starting a business, tax, credit access, and investment protection in 2020 buoyed by the Vietnamese government’s ...

ktg industrial pioneers vietnams digital convergence KTG Industrial pioneers Vietnam’s digital convergence

09:49 | 07/01/2020

Industry 4.0 is making a massive impact across all areas of life and business, transforming every facet of production – a phenomenon most spectacularly seen ...

applying industry 40 tech for advanced agriculture Applying Industry 4.0 tech for advanced agriculture

09:00 | 03/01/2020

Vietnam boasts great potential for agricultural development. Since doi moi was launched in 1986, appropriate orientations and policies have helped awaken this potential, greatly contributing ...

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