vietnam to outperform singapore in terms of gdp growth in 2020 Vietnam to outperform Singapore in terms of GDP growth in 2020

17:52 | 15/10/2020

Vietnam is anticipated to see positive GDP growth of $340 billion by the end of 2020, becoming the fourth-largest economy in Southeast Asia.

imf says global economic outlook better than june prediction IMF says global economic outlook better than June prediction

11:45 | 25/09/2020

The global economic outlook is less bleak than projected in June, an IMF spokesman said Thursday, hinting that the organization's forecasts for growth will be ...

imf staff reaches agreement with ecuador on 65 bn loan IMF staff reaches agreement with Ecuador on $6.5 bn loan

09:33 | 29/08/2020

IMF staff reached an agreement with Ecuador on Friday on a $6.5 billion, 27-month loan program to help the country deal with the dual shock ...

more tinkering required for draft law on ppp More tinkering required for draft law on PPP

17:22 | 26/05/2020

Despite unprecedented revenue-risk allocation in the draft Law on Public-Private Partnerships, international developers are urging Vietnam to make additional changes ahead of the National Assembly’s ...

vietnams gdp forecast to rise by 7 per cent in 2021 Vietnam's GDP forecast to rise by 7 per cent in 2021

15:43 | 12/05/2020

This year, the IMF forecast that Vietnam’s GDP would fall to 2.7 per cent, to be followed by a rise back up to 7.0 per ...

technology giant apple will produce millions of airpods in vietnam Technology giant Apple will produce millions of AirPods in Vietnam

15:56 | 09/05/2020

Tech giant Apple will allegedly produce millions of AirPods in Vietnam from this quarter – a clear move to diversify its manufacturing operations.

imf cuts philippine 2020 gdp growth forecast to 06 percent IMF cuts Philippine 2020 GDP growth forecast to 0.6 percent

08:00 | 16/04/2020

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slashed its growth outlook for the Philippines for 2020 from 6.3 percent to 0.6 percent due to the impact ...

stress test necessary exercise to prepare for covid 19 impacts Stress test – Necessary exercise to prepare for COVID-19 impacts

08:00 | 30/03/2020

The impacts of COVID-19 are gradually appearing in many economies as the disease rapidly spreads across the globe

clear we have entered recession imf chief 'Clear we have entered recession': IMF chief

12:04 | 29/03/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has driven the global economy into a downturn that will require massive funding to help developing nations, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said ...

imf world bank funds ready to fight coronavirus outbreak IMF, World Bank funds ready to fight coronavirus outbreak

09:03 | 28/02/2020

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank are ready to provide countries in need with immediate emergency funding to fight the coronavirus outbreak, a spokesman ...

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