lux group takes full ownership of emperor cruises Lux Group takes full ownership of Emperor Cruises

14:57 | 19/09/2019

Lux Group has fully acquired the five-star, all-inclusive Emperor Cruises, adding to its portfolio already includes DMC Luxury Travel and Heritage Cruises.

experience the river lords unforgettable heritage Experience the river lord’s unforgettable heritage

08:58 | 03/07/2019

Inspired by the spirit and the ambition of Vietnamese entrepreneur Bach Thai Buoi, who was very famous for his patriotism and business success in the ...

overnight cruise in halong bay Overnight cruise in Halong Bay

10:55 | 07/06/2019

The newly launched Heritage Cruises is attracting high end tourists as the first boutique luxury cruise operator offering a three night authentic and unique cruising ...

heritage cruising Heritage cruising

12:13 | 09/05/2019

Heritage Cruises derives inspiration from the heritage ships of the inspirational patriotic entrepreneur Bach Thai Buoi, who transformed transportation on the waterways of Tonkin in ...

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