heineken working to fend off tomorrows problems HEINEKEN working to fend off tomorrow’s problems

08:00 | 24/12/2018

Being recognised as the most sustainable company in Vietnam, HEINEKEN Vietnam is committed to changing consumers’ behaviour and developing the business sustainably.

amstel officially enters vietnamese beer market Amstel officially enters Vietnamese beer market

11:47 | 20/10/2018

On October 18, premium European beer brand Amstel has entered Vietnam, bringing its unparalleled smoothness and passion for life to Vietnamese consumers.

heineken steps up to combat drink driving Heineken steps up to combat drink-driving

10:18 | 02/10/2018

Beyond simple economics, many foreign enterprises contribute significantly to the development of the wider community. Some do not stop at community support initiatives and even ...

heinekens when you drive never drink campaign inspires consumers Heineken's "When you drive, never drink" campaign inspires consumers

11:08 | 04/09/2018

The Heineken campaign aims to create a positive and meaningful impact on the drinking and driving cultures in Vietnam.

vietnams beer market holds huge potential competition Vietnam’s beer market holds huge potential, competition

09:27 | 25/06/2018

Vietnam is the holy grail for global beer companies, with the market continuing to grow while many others have flatlined, but the competition is fierce.

market share of habeco slips without brake Market share of Habeco slips without brake

23:46 | 12/06/2018

Delaying the divestment of the state’s stake in Habeco will worsen the corporation’s business results, reducing the company's market share.

heineken brings the perfect f1 experience to vietnamese fans Heineken brings the Perfect F1 Experience to Vietnamese fans

10:16 | 07/05/2018

Heineken launched the Perfect F1 Experience event at The World of Heineken at Bitexco Financial Tower on May 4.

foreign investors eager to acquire habeco Foreign investors eager to acquire Habeco

18:53 | 20/03/2018

Along with Carlsberg, numerous foreign investors are looking to acquire a stake in Habeco in order to increase their market shares.

health campaigners decry global hiv funds deal with heineken Health campaigners decry global HIV fund's deal with Heineken

09:53 | 03/02/2018

LONDON: International health campaigners and alcohol concern groups called on a major global HIV and malaria fund on Thursday (Feb 1) to end immediately a ...

heineken says purchase completed of 86 of asian apb Heineken says purchase completed of 8.6% of Asian APB

15:13 | 25/09/2012

Heineken said on Tuesday it had completed its purchase of 8.6 percent of top Asian brewer APB, bringing the Dutch beer giant a step closer ...

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