ride hailers to adjust smoothly Ride-hailers to adjust smoothly

09:00 | 26/02/2020

Despite previous reservations by ride-hailing firms such as Grab and Go-Viet, normal business operations are expected following the Ministry of Transport’s decision to halt its ...

ceo of ride hailing service be resigns CEO of ride-hailing service Be resigns

17:18 | 26/12/2019

Tran Thanh Hai, CEO of the ride-hailing service Be, has stepped down after two years at the head of the service, which he joined in ...

go viet trumpets empty claims of leading food delivery Go-Viet trumpets empty claims of leading food delivery?

11:13 | 11/09/2019

While Go-Viet is confident about gaining the lead in food delivery, the coverage of drivers, delivery time, and customer satisfaction rates say otherwise.

grab go viet and be who is the stingiest Grab, Go-Viet, and Be: who is the stingiest?

16:20 | 28/07/2019

Bonus payments for ride-hailing drivers seem a lot less forthcoming now that the firms have gained a firmer foothold in Vietnam.

viettel joins ride hailing market Viettel joins ride-hailing market

08:19 | 18/06/2019

Viettel will join the promising ride-hailing market, challenging the dominance of Grab, Go-Viet, and FastGo with its MyGo app.

fierce race in vietnams food delivery market the game really ends Fierce race in Vietnam’s food delivery market: The game really ends?

10:06 | 27/05/2019

Newcomers have shaken up Vietnam’s food delivery sector with intensified competition in which only strong contenders can withstand the challenges.

go bike increases fares above main rival grabbike Go-Bike increases fares above main rival GrabBike

14:56 | 17/05/2019

Go-Viet has issued the decision to adjust fares and apply flexible rates at peak hours and other special cases, effective from 12 PM, May 16.

ride hailing rule concerns persist Ride-hailing rule concerns persist

09:25 | 07/05/2019

Heated debate is continuing around the proposal to regulate ride-hailing firms as taxi companies, due to concerns that it will dampen Vietnam’s Industry 4.0 efforts.

go viet welcomes new general manager Go-Viet welcomes new general manager

16:36 | 22/04/2019

Go-Viet has announced the appointment of Christy Le as its new general manager.

confusion over proposal to install taxi sign on ride hailing cars Confusion over proposal to install taxi sign on ride-hailing cars

08:34 | 19/04/2019

Confusion prevails among drivers and consumers over the proposal to require ride-hailing vehicles to put ‘taxi signs’ on top 

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