experts disagree on trade wars effect on local gdp Experts disagree on trade war’s effect on local GDP

08:00 | 15/08/2018

Vietnam’s GDP may continue growing in the years to come, but the country should also be prepared to lose up to $265 million in GDP ...

economic growth reduces dependence on bank loans Economic growth reduces dependence on bank loans

09:14 | 31/07/2018

Though credit growth has declined recently, Vietnam’s GDP has continued to rise in the past one and a half years thanks to the improvement of ...

world bank backs vietnams robust economic progress World Bank backs Vietnam’s ’robust’ economic progress

01:43 | 16/06/2018

Vietnam’s economy is forecast to continue improving, with gross domestic product (GDP) expected to expand by 6.8 per cent this year, said the World Bank ...

from doi moi reforms to vietnamese billionaires From Doi Moi reforms to Vietnamese billionaires

14:00 | 01/05/2018

After more than 30 years of Doi Moi, the Vietnamese economy has begun to see its own local billionaires who while contributing to national development, ...

imf projects viet nams gdp growth by 66pc IMF projects Viet Nam’s GDP growth by 6.6pc

20:47 | 19/04/2018

In a recent report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected Viet Nam’s economy to grow by 6.6 per cent this year and by 6.5 per ...

salary of labour class increased 93 in 2017 Salary of labour class increased 9.3% in 2017

14:31 | 24/02/2018

The average monthly salary increased by 9.3 per cent in 2017, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

domestic gdp to bark in accord with global rates Domestic GDP to bark in accord with global rates

14:48 | 18/02/2018

Following the Year of the Rooster, the Year of the Dog can be expected to bring further global economic growth that will also affect Vietnam. ...

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