shopee delays handling ghost vendors Shopee delays handling "ghost" vendors?

10:00 | 07/09/2019

E-commerce platform Shopee has been slow in protecting customers from “ghost” vendors which have been cheating out huge amounts of money from them.

visa helps prevent nearly 25 billion in fraud using ai Visa helps prevent nearly $25 billion in fraud using AI

08:13 | 25/06/2019

Visa Advanced Authorisation helped financial institutions prevent an estimated $25 billion in annual fraud, making the global payment ecosystem safer.

prosecution begins for vnd300 billion fraud at hsbc and anz Prosecution begins for VND300 billion fraud at HSBC and ANZ

17:44 | 14/11/2018

HSBC and ANZ named 13 companies in a series of frauds costing the banks $13 million, leading to the prosecution of dozens of defendants and ...

nissan joins long line of emission scandals Nissan joins long line of emission scandals

16:23 | 12/07/2018

Nissan is caught up in another emission fraud scandal, after on July 2 it admitted falsifying emission tests on 19 models offered in Japan.

lazada to be inspected soon Lazada to be inspected soon

18:18 | 07/07/2018

Vietnam Competition Authority will inspect Lazada (Recess Co., Ltd.)'s business activities in the time to come.

two hacked customers lose vnd200 million in donga bank overnight Two hacked customers lose VND200 million in DongA Bank overnight

15:42 | 02/07/2018

Two DongA Bank cardholders confirmed that they still have their cards and have never given them to anyone, but VND201 million was stolen from their ...

emission fraud plagues famous german car makers Emission fraud plagues famous German car makers

22:17 | 04/06/2018

With a billion-dollar fine and the huge number of recalled vehicles, will the emission fraud scandal drag down Mercedes-Benz like it did Volkswagen?

eximbank brings in key personnel to tackle series of fraud scandals Eximbank brings in key personnel to tackle series of fraud scandals

20:26 | 04/06/2018

Within two months, Eximbank has appointed two deputy general directors after firing nine. Will this move enable Eximbank to overcome the scandals of swindling approximately ...

deaura scam hard case to punished DeAura scam hard case to punished?

13:00 | 08/05/2018

DeAura, in collaboration with FE Credit, enticed thousands of customers to sign loan agreements of nearly $2,000 eachwithout any financial check.

eximbank back to the fingerprint business Eximbank: Back to the fingerprint business

10:00 | 03/04/2018

Eximbank has applied fingerprint check, along with usual safety measures, against savings and withdrawals, following its late outrageous savings fraud.

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