2018 finalists marseille drawn with lazio frankfurt in europa league 2018 finalists Marseille drawn with Lazio, Frankfurt in Europa League

09:59 | 01/09/2018

Marseille, last season's beaten Europa League finalists, were drawn with Lazio and Eintracht Frankfurt in a strong Europa League group on Friday (Aug 31).

frankfurt airport towing truck catches fire damages plane Frankfurt airport towing truck catches fire, damages plane

10:36 | 12/06/2018

Ten people suffered smoke inhalation on Monday (Jun 11) when a fire broke out on a vehicle towing a Lufthansa plane at Frankfurt airport, the ...

european stocks fall as us announces steep tariffs European stocks fall as US announces steep tariffs

09:21 | 01/06/2018

World stocks fell on Thursday (May 31) as harsh US steel and aluminium tariffs sparked renewed fears of a global trade war.

euro sags as markets see ecb in no rush for qe exit Euro sags as markets see ECB in no rush for QE exit

08:43 | 27/04/2018

The euro sagged and equities pushed higher on Thursday (Apr 26) as the ECB warned of threats to economic growth and signalled easy money policies ...

air passengers grounded in strike hit germany france Air passengers grounded in strike-hit Germany, France

11:35 | 11/04/2018

Tens of thousands of air passengers were stranded on Tuesday (Apr 10) as aviation giants Lufthansa and Air France were hit by strikes that crippled ...

dortmund rout stuttgart to close on second placed schalke Dortmund rout Stuttgart to close on second-placed Schalke

09:14 | 09/04/2018

Christian Pulisic's goal kick-started Borussia Dortmund in a 3-0 victory over Stuttgart on Sunday (Apr 8), ahead of next week's mouth-watering derby at Schalke.

european stocks firm as trump trade war fears ease European stocks firm as Trump trade war fears ease

12:20 | 07/03/2018

European stock markets closed modestly firmer on Tuesday (Mar 6) as fears faded over US President Donald Trump's planned trade tariffs, and tensions appeared to ...

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