fortinet passes malware protection test with flying colours Fortinet passes Malware Protection Test with flying colours

18:37 | 17/08/2020

Fortinet’s advanced endpoint security demonstrated a 100 per cent block rate of exploits, unknown threats, and HTTP malware on the Malware Protection Test.

fortinet sets up corporate foundation for covid 19 relief Fortinet sets up corporate foundation for COVID-19 relief

18:41 | 06/08/2020

Fortinet Corporation Foundation will create an employee matching fund in its global response to COVID-19 to further the company's impact on global communities.

industry trends harnessing the potential of 5g with secure sd wan Industry trends: Harnessing the potential of 5G with secure SD-WAN

11:31 | 23/07/2020

5G networks have the power to transform how business gets done, but there are few devices and fewer applications that require their level of performance.

as ot systems become more connected ot security becomes more challenging As OT systems become more connected, OT security becomes more challenging

15:00 | 11/06/2020

A Fortinet and Forrester survey on industry leaders managing and maintaining OT infrastructure reveals the security trends and practices that impact operations.

automating network management to accelerate digital transformation Automating network management to accelerate digital transformation

17:32 | 27/05/2020

The need to support remote workers by inverting the traditional networking model has accelerated the need for agile network strategies supported by automation.

fortinet introduces self learning ai appliance for sub second threat detection Fortinet introduces self-learning AI appliance for sub-second threat detection

20:38 | 07/04/2020

FortiAI’s Virtual Security Analyst embeds one of the industry’s most mature cybersecurity AI – developed by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs – directly into an organisation’s network to deliver sub-second ...

six steps for securing remote workforce at scale Six steps for securing remote workforce at scale

12:04 | 23/03/2020

Nguyen Gia Duc, country manager, Fortinet Vietnam, shares six things organisations should consider when moving traditional on-site workers to remote locations.

the inevitable integration of sd wan and security in 2020 The inevitable integration of SD-WAN and security in 2020

16:31 | 09/03/2020

SD-WAN solutions are looking at a bright future, if performance and interoperability could be guaranteed – and Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN solution does just that.

fortinet issues new threat predictions for 2020 Fortinet issues new threat predictions for 2020

00:00 | 27/02/2020

While cybercrime is growing more sophisticated, crime follows the path of least resistance – and even little investment can yield tremendous gains in safety.

fortinet and siemens partner to provide best in class protection for operational technology networks Fortinet and Siemens partner to provide best-in-class protection for operational technology networks

16:44 | 19/12/2019

Siemens joined the Fortinet fabric-ready technology alliance partnership programme and announced an integrated security solution.

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