cross ownership wipe out in financial institutions to finish soon Cross-ownership wipe-out in financial institutions to finish soon

11:14 | 28/03/2018

Over the past three years, divestment activities stoked up the cross-ownership "wipe-out" among financial institutions to strengthen ownership transparency.

korean investors crowd vietnams credit sector Korean investors crowd Vietnam's credit sector

16:30 | 21/03/2018

Korean investors in the Vietnamese credit market are trying to grasp the top spots in the credit card segment which previously was rated as "highly ...

bad debts and risk provisions remain on top of banks agenda Bad debts and risk provisions remain on top of banks’ agenda

20:30 | 17/03/2018

Throughout the AGM season, bad debt resolution and risk provisions were the most worrisome issues emerging in the banking sector in since the beginning of ...

90 per cent of hnx listed firms reported upbeat performance 90 per cent of HNX-listed firms reported upbeat performance

23:21 | 15/03/2018

Listed construction and real estate development firms as well as listed financial institutions on the Hanoi bourse reported glorious profits for 2017.

landmark law to tackle money laundering Landmark law to tackle money laundering

11:44 | 09/07/2012

Vietnam has been cited for a number of years as being a destination for international money launderers. Now, a landmark local law is expected to ...

foreign borrowing sees new controls Foreign borrowing sees new controls 1

11:07 | 20/01/2011

The State Bank of Vietnam has spelled out the procedures local lenders are to follow if they wish to borrow funds from foreign financial institutions.

g20 agrees tougher financial regulations G20 agrees tougher financial regulations

16:01 | 12/11/2010

G20 leaders Friday endorsed tighter financial regulations, including tougher bank capital and liquidity standards, to guard against the "irresponsible risk-taking" which triggered the economic crisis.

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