financial mechanisms further clarified for public private partnership ventures Financial mechanisms further clarified for public-private partnership ventures

01:02 | 05/06/2021

Two legal instruments crucial for guiding the execution of public-private partnership projects in Vietnam came into force in March, bringing about new hopes for investors ...

fresh ceo rush shakes up vietnams banking arena Fresh CEO rush shakes up Vietnam’s banking arena

08:00 | 15/04/2021

With competition in the financial landscape mounting in recent years, a wave of new CEOs in some major foreign-invested banks operating in Vietnam is slated ...

high hopes for pdp8 reform of energy mix High hopes for PDP8 reform of energy mix

11:48 | 07/04/2021

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has submitted the National Power Development Plan 8 for approval within this government tenure.

financial institutions opting more into ekyc convenience Financial institutions opting more into eKYC convenience

07:00 | 25/03/2021

Fintech companies, banks, and other financial institutions are making great strides to go paperless, eliminating physical movements and paperwork, and becoming more cost-effective through electronic ...

stock market frenzy signals financial capacity intentions Stock market frenzy signals financial capacity intentions

10:55 | 10/03/2021

A successful listing would further boost the financial foundation of Vietnamese lenders, which might explain the recent rush of banks tapping public funds, switching exchanges, ...

banks scaling up charter capital goals Banks scaling up charter capital goals

11:57 | 23/02/2021

International and domestic financial institutions have strengthened their charter capital to boost financial capacity and ramp up business activities in Vietnam.

stable structure for state budget Stable structure for state budget

09:00 | 22/01/2021

Despite numerous difficulties caused by the global health crisis, the state budget has seen impressive results, with national financial security ensured.

financial institutions begin public trading Financial institutions begin public trading

09:00 | 30/12/2020

Vietnamese banks are enthusiastically filing for initial public offering or re-listing, in which they dream about tapping into broader scope of funds.

why we should care about f0 investors Why we should care about F0 investors

12:44 | 21/11/2020

New individual investors have recently fuelled unusual rallies in global and local stock markets in the context of lower commission brokerage coupled with low interest ...

legal risks on acquisition of businesses in financial mire Legal risks on acquisition of businesses in financial mire

08:00 | 30/10/2020

The stagnating global economy has forced businesses into financial distress but has opened the door for potential buyers to consider strategic acquisitions that would be ...

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