digital innovation key growth factor for bancassurance development Digital innovation key growth factor for bancassurance development

14:53 | 26/11/2019

Generali Vietnam, along with Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank, recently entered into a 15-year strategic and exclusive bancassurance partnership, amid huge market potential and rising ...

bancassurance on the up in vietnam Bancassurance on the up in Vietnam

12:18 | 07/11/2019

Vietnam’s financial institutions are enjoying a rise in bancassurance activities, which promise strong growth amid the diminishing bank segment with regulator-driven bank consolidation.

opening way for digital payments Opening way for digital payments

10:35 | 25/10/2019

With the meteoric rise of non-cash payments in Vietnam, more and more banks and financial institutions are turning towards digital, subscribing to software providers like ...

vietnam implementing de dollarization policy Vietnam implementing de-dollarization policy

14:00 | 22/10/2019

Vietnamese and foreign commercial banks no longer provide mid- and long-term foreign currency loans to implement the country's de-dollarisation policy.

tackling abrupt investor exodus Tackling abrupt investor exodus

11:10 | 31/08/2019

Recent years have seen an increasing number of foreign investors fleeing Vietnam after running into financial troubles.

building a financial hub for vietnam Building a financial hub for Vietnam

11:22 | 24/07/2019

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee is resuming its mega-plan to turn the city into an international financial hub after last year’s disbandment of the ...

hcm city seeks to become global financial hub HCM City seeks to become global financial hub

14:37 | 19/07/2019

HCM City has committed to develop a detailed plan to turn the city into a regional and international financial hub after years of delay in ...

cmsc eyes vnpt mobifone and other 17 state owned companies CMSC eyes VNPT, MobiFone, and other 17 state-owned companies

21:46 | 18/06/2019

MobiFone, VNPT, and the other 17 companies have been exposed to the gunfire of the CMSC's financial supervision.

quirky campaigns in financial literacy Quirky campaigns in financial literacy

09:47 | 17/06/2019

University students are coming up with creative ways to promote financial literacy in Vietnam, aiming to help their peers get a hold of their personal ...

2019 the year of choices for aseans bond markets 2019 – the year of choices for ASEAN’s bond markets

17:08 | 21/02/2019

If January developments are any to go by, 2019 looks to be a year of heightened volatility with risk themes across rates, trade, and general ...

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