savouring festivals with intercontinental phu quoc long beach Savouring festivals with InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach

18:57 | 16/11/2020

Phu Quoc Island is emerging as an ideal destination for urban dwellers during the coming Christmas season thanks to its peaceful atmosphere.

danang hot destination for events and festivals this summer Danang - Hot destination for events and festivals this summer

16:00 | 11/05/2018

The central city of Danang will be host to a vast array of activities this summer as it makes efforts to attract more visitors.

spring festivals welcome a new flourish year Spring festivals welcome a new flourish year

17:31 | 01/03/2018

A range of spring festivals are taking place in northern Vietnam's provinces, wishing for a year full of happiness, health and prosperity.  

festival tourism left in the dark Festival Tourism left in the dark 1

19:53 | 15/02/2011

Tourists have little clue about Vietnam’s colourful, vibrant and fascinating regional and national level festivals, which are held all around the country. Couldn’t this industry ...

preserving values of festivals Preserving values of festivals 1

21:38 | 01/02/2011

Vietnam currently has over 8,000 festivals from grass-roots to national levels that can be divided into such categories as folk, historic-revolutionary, religious, foreign-origin, and cultural-sport-tourism.

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