sustained success for fe credit down to unique vision Sustained success for FE Credit down to unique vision

11:12 | 30/03/2021

After strong efforts to change the game of consumer finance, FE CREDIT has told of its decade-long journey to establish a solid foundation and become ...

financial institutions opting more into ekyc convenience Financial institutions opting more into eKYC convenience

07:00 | 25/03/2021

Fintech companies, banks, and other financial institutions are making great strides to go paperless, eliminating physical movements and paperwork, and becoming more cost-effective through electronic ...

consumer finance retains attractiveness Consumer finance retains attractiveness

09:14 | 16/03/2021

Despite the resurgence of the pandemic, investors still remain upbeat about consumer finance and pawn chain businesses in Vietnam, which are considered among the most ...

fundraising on the up in consumer finance Fundraising on the up in consumer finance

12:07 | 02/03/2021

Consumer finance companies are taking different approaches to raise cash and gain a bigger slice of the landscape.

fe credit experiences 163 per cent drop in pre tax profit as npls increase in 2020 FE Credit experiences 16.3 per cent drop in pre-tax profit as NPLs increase in 2020

14:01 | 06/02/2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FE Credit reported a decrease in its pre-tax profit while its non-performing loans increased to 6.6 per cent in 2020.

diversifying local consumer finance Diversifying local consumer finance

08:00 | 16/12/2020

Consumer finance companies in Vietnam are seeking new approaches to diversify their funding sources and their indirect loan portfolios, as well as lower credit and ...

fe credit could file for ipo in third quarter next year FE Credit could file for IPO in third quarter next year

16:50 | 08/12/2020

FE Credit, the biggest consumer finance player in Vietnam and a subsidiary of VPBank, is allegedly preparing for its IPO in the third quarter of ...

fe credit toasted second quarter and first half 2020 results FE Credit toasted second-quarter and first-half 2020 results

10:43 | 25/08/2020

On August 5, FE Credit, together with its partner bank VPBank, organised an analyst call to discuss its second-quarter results as well as first-half financial ...

moodys confirmed stable rating for fe credit in latest review assessment Moody’s confirmed stable rating for FE Credit in latest review assessment

12:45 | 06/08/2020

Moody’s Investors Service has recently confirmed the long-term ratings of FE Credit at B1, after putting it up for review due to the impacts of ...

hd saison may be setting up for ipo HD Saison may be setting up for IPO

22:31 | 26/06/2020

HD Bank revealed ambitions to convert HD Saison into a JSC in a move generally seen as laying down the groundworks for an IPO.

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