pilot scheme for ride hailing services to officially stop on april 1 Pilot scheme for ride-hailing services to officially stop on April 1

18:47 | 18/02/2020

The pilot scheme for ride-hailing services will officially expire on April 1, giving way to the new regulations coming into effect on the same day.

ceo of ride hailing service be resigns CEO of ride-hailing service Be resigns

17:18 | 26/12/2019

Tran Thanh Hai, CEO of the ride-hailing service Be, has stepped down after two years at the head of the service, which he joined in ...

sharing economy rules required Sharing economy rules required

16:00 | 15/11/2019

Sharing economy platforms have taken Vietnam by storm in recent years, especially in the fields of transportation, hotel bookings, and fintech. However, the rise of ...

1500 vinfast fadils to join ride hailing services 1,500 VinFast Fadils to join ride-hailing services

18:16 | 16/08/2019

After establishing VinBus, Vingroup shook hands with FastGo to add VinFast Fadil and VinFast Lux cars to the fleets of FastGo, FastCar, and FastLux.

ride hailing rule concerns persist Ride-hailing rule concerns persist

09:25 | 07/05/2019

Heated debate is continuing around the proposal to regulate ride-hailing firms as taxi companies, due to concerns that it will dampen Vietnam’s Industry 4.0 efforts.

vietnam to have first helicopter ride hailing service Vietnam to have first helicopter ride-hailing service

10:41 | 13/04/2019

Vietnamese ride-hailing firm FastGo on Thursday announced its plan to launch the country’s first helicopter ride-hailing service - FastSky - in Hanoi by the end of ...

ride hailing firms struggle to sustain price war Ride-hailing firms struggle to sustain price war

18:00 | 30/03/2019

Ride-hailing entrants invested a great deal of money into promotions and discount strategies. Now, several of them are struggling to sustain the price war.

fastgo quick steps on home ground solid steps in foreign turf FastGo: Quick steps on home ground, solid steps in foreign turf

08:55 | 01/03/2019

In only six months, FastGo has grown to be the second largest ride-hailing service in Vietnam and the first local firm in the field to ...

competition reviving up in vietnams car hailing market Competition reviving up in Vietnam's car-hailing market

11:21 | 29/06/2018

Following Uber’s departure from Vietnam, the country’s ride-hailing market has witnessed the entrance of both domestic and international applications, such as Aber, FastGo, Go-Viet and ...

fastgo launches ride hailing app with massive incentives FastGo launches ride-hailing app with massive incentives

23:58 | 12/06/2018

On June 12, FastGo was officially launched in Vietnam, marking a new heavyweight on the ride-hailing playground.

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