zalo shop has been operating e commerce without a licence Zalo Shop has been operating e-commerce without a licence

11:14 | 21/07/2020

As e-commerce platforms are awash with fake and low-quality goods, Zalo Shop was recently discovered not to have been licensed for operation in Vietnam.

fake goods may not give up the prime day 2019 Fake goods may not give up the Prime Day 2019

13:00 | 16/07/2019

With Amazon Prime Day coming, US-based e-commerce platforms are coming under scrutiny for their performance in ensuring the authenticity of the products they sell – ...

thousands of counterfeit suspect honda and yamaha motor parts seized Thousands of counterfeit-suspect Honda and Yamaha motor parts seized

10:27 | 10/07/2019

Thousands of fake motor parts imitating the two leading motorcycle manufacturers Honda and Yamaha were found by the Market Management Department of Lang Son.

fake books available for sale on lazada shopee sendo Fake books available for sale on Lazada, Shopee, Sendo

16:11 | 23/06/2019

A company ordered 128 times on such e-commerce platforms as Lazada, Shopee, Sendo to buy some books, and finally all of these orders are fake ...

moit steps up fight against fake goods online MoiT steps up fight against fake goods online

09:23 | 08/04/2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) is seeking solutions to stop fake goods appearing on e-commerce websites, said a ministry official at a conference ...

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