spurring us investment into new phase Spurring US investment into new phase

18:00 | 15/05/2019

Vietnam and the United States are expected to work on a blueprint to deepen trade and investment ties to prepare the next stage of bilateral ...

more victims of facebook security lapse More victims of Facebook security lapse

16:42 | 20/04/2019

Facebook revealed that its security lapse affected millions of Instagram users amidst the political turmoil caused by the Muller report.

facebook says it stored millions of unencrypted instagram passwords Facebook says it stored 'millions' of unencrypted Instagram passwords

13:00 | 19/04/2019

"Millions" of Instagram users had their passwords stored in unencrypted form on internal servers, Facebook said Thursday, raising its original estimate of tens of thousands.

facebook ordered to pay 30000 in france over abusive usage terms Facebook ordered to pay €30,000 in France over 'abusive' usage terms

09:58 | 11/04/2019

A French court has ordered Facebook to pay €30,000 (US$34,000) over "abusive" terms-of-use agreements that people had to accept in order to access their social ...

france sticks to digital tax despite us anger France sticks to digital tax despite US anger

20:02 | 05/04/2019

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday (Apr 5) that France would stick to plans for a tax on digital giants such as Facebook ...

facebook chief wants more active government role regulating internet Facebook chief wants 'more active' government role regulating Internet

12:02 | 31/03/2019

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg called on Saturday (Mar 30) for governments to play a "more active role" in regulating the Internet, urging more countries to ...

hanoi proposes tightened management of social network businesses Hanoi proposes tightened management of social network businesses

12:02 | 17/03/2019

The Hanoi Market Management Department has said businesses operating on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo and Viber should be under the same management as ...

facebook flounders over security Facebook flounders over security

14:18 | 15/03/2019

Facebook has been partially interrupted by what is believed to be a DDOS attack, adding to the criminal investigation into its data deals with 150 ...

users report issues with facebook instagram whatsapp in widespread outage Users report issues with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp in widespread outage

11:16 | 14/03/2019

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram users found that they could not access the apps in parts of the world on Wednesday (Mar 13) as a result ...

facebook digital gangsters violated privacy laws mps Facebook 'digital gangsters' violated privacy laws: MPs

10:47 | 19/02/2019

LONDON: A scathing British parliamentary report on Monday (Feb 18) branded Facebook "digital gangsters" who failed to fight the spread of fake news and violated ...

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