a sharing economy for new startups A sharing economy for new startups

16:29 | 18/10/2019

The rapid development of the IT revolution has helped startups generate a buzz in the social circle, establishing a new era of promoting globalisation in ...

facebook unveils virtual social space for its oculus users Facebook unveils virtual social space for its Oculus users

11:33 | 26/09/2019

Facebook said on Wednesday (Sep 25) it will launch a virtual social community where users of its Oculus headgear can "explore new places" and "create ...

homegrown challenger to facebook Homegrown challenger to Facebook

10:02 | 23/09/2019

With the launch of the social network Lotus, Vietnam Communications Corporation is ­trying to reshape the domestic advertising market currently dominated by Facebook and Google, ...

press alliance may trump facebook and google Press alliance may trump Facebook and Google

12:06 | 19/09/2019

To help local press escape the grips of Facebook and Google in advertising, the MIC and Yeah1 organised a workshop on launching the Appnews Vietnam ...

facebook to stop news headline changes from advertisers Facebook to stop news headline changes from advertisers

09:00 | 17/09/2019

Facebook said on Monday (Sep 16) it is working to stop advertisers from changing headlines in links to news stories after concerns raised by a ...

the launch of lotus enhances the mics ambition of exceeding facebook The launch of Lotus enhances the MIC's ambition of exceeding Facebook

08:00 | 17/09/2019

The MIC's announcement of launching five local social networks in 2019, including the latest Lotus, shows Vietnam’s desire of escaping Facebook's stranglehold.

facebook denies newest claims of data leak Facebook denies newest claims of data leak

10:32 | 08/09/2019

Even as data of more than a hundred million Facebook accounts are revealed and confirmed, the social network denies any leaks.

400 million facebook users phone numbers exposed in privacy lapse reports 400 million Facebook users' phone numbers exposed in privacy lapse: Reports

09:30 | 06/09/2019

Phone numbers linked to more than 400 million Facebook accounts were listed online in the latest privacy lapse for the social media giant, US media ...

facebook might start hiding like counts for posts Facebook might start hiding 'Like' counts for posts

14:32 | 04/09/2019

Facebook on Tuesday (Sep 3) confirmed it is dabbling with no longer making a public display of how many "likes" are racked up by posts.

google facebook amazon decry french digital tax as discriminatory Google, Facebook, Amazon decry French digital tax as 'discriminatory'

11:10 | 20/08/2019

American tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google joined forces on Monday (Aug 19) to decry the French digital tax as retroactive and discriminatory.

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