firms spend heavily on brand promotion Firms spend heavily on brand promotion

08:34 | 05/09/2018

In the race for market share, most firms are resorting to use the media as a weapon for brand promotion and do not hesitate to ...

ad expense rules need reform chambers say Ad expense rules need reform, chambers say

16:20 | 04/02/2013

Despite an expected increase on the cap on advertising and promotion expenses, the business community in Vietnam has continued proposing to eliminate the cap entirely, ...

making sense of ap expenses Making sense of A&P expenses

20:39 | 28/02/2011

“Current regulations do not seem to provide guidelines as to the tax treatment of certain A&P expense items or, if they do, still leave room ...

Enterprises still in a tax pickle

14:28 | 21/11/2010

Enterprises’ wish to choose when to carry forward losses is unlikely to gain traction with lawmakers.

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