eximbank rocked by resignation of chairpersons Eximbank rocked by resignation of chairpersons

16:20 | 14/07/2019

A number of key personnel of Eximbank have resigned and three chairpersons have quit over the last three months.

second shareholders meeting of eximbank fails Second shareholders' meeting of Eximbank fails

08:36 | 24/06/2019

Eximbank once again failed to get its shareholders' meeting to approve its new regulations and changes to its management board.

eximbank agm postponed again after resignation of top leaders Eximbank AGM postponed again after resignation of top leaders

10:35 | 29/05/2019

Eximbank is postponing its annual shareholders’ meeting once again, to June 2019, according to the bank’s newest press release.

eximbank receives international stp award from citibank Eximbank receives international STP award from Citibank

10:14 | 26/04/2019

Eximbank was honoured with the Excellent International Straight-Through Payment Award by Citibank.

eximbank has new chairwoman Eximbank has new chairwoman

11:02 | 23/03/2019

Luong Thi Cam Tu - a board member- was just appointed as the new chairwoman of Eximbank’s Board of Directors in the sixth term of ...

court asked eximbank to pay 1065 million for chu thi binh Court asked Eximbank to pay $10.65 million for Chu Thi Binh

12:57 | 30/11/2018

The trial panel asked Eximbank to close down the principal and interest for Chu Thi Binh and two other clients.

1065 million of chu thi binh at eximbank still be detained $10.65 million of Chu Thi Binh at Eximbank still be “detained”

11:07 | 26/11/2018

At the trial of “disappering” VND 245 billion ($ 10.65 million) at Eximbank, Chu Thi Binh disclosed that her money is still stuck at the ...

eximbank launches chatbot application for 247 customer care Eximbank launches ChatBot application for 24/7 customer care

12:02 | 30/10/2018

Eximbank's new Chatbot is a significant step towards implementing machine learning and AI into banking operations.

chu thi binh fully repaid by eximbank Chu Thi Binh fully repaid by Eximbank

15:41 | 28/08/2018

Eximbank has paid client Chu Thi Binh the remaining $6.7 million out of a total of $10.8 million embezzled from her saving books.

eximbanks sp outlook revised to stable Eximbank’s S&P outlook revised to stable

18:40 | 24/08/2018

Eximbank has been revised to Stable from Negative by Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings.

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