ample potential for norwegian wind energy cooperation Ample potential for Norwegian wind energy cooperation

09:00 | 27/09/2020

Vietnam’s approach to sustainable energy and the emergence of wind energy in the market offer tremendous opportunities for Norwegian companies.

increasing agricultural quality through new eu deal Increasing agricultural quality through new EU deal

09:00 | 27/09/2020

The historic EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has been in force for nearly two months now.

skies clear over vimcs joint venture seaports Skies clear over VIMC’s joint venture seaports

10:00 | 25/09/2020

After enduring months of setbacks due to COVID-19, seaport joint ventures between shipping firm Vietnam Maritime Corporation and its foreign partners closed the first eight ...

45 years of vietnam germany relations enduring strong vitality 45 years of Vietnam-Germany relations: Enduring, strong vitality

08:58 | 24/09/2020

The relationship between Vietnam and Germany has ceaselessly developed in both depth and breadth, and in an effective and practical manner across all fields despite ...

evfta to have wide impacts on transport businesses EVFTA to have wide impacts on transport businesses

00:21 | 24/09/2020

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement is having an impact on the local government procurement market, with transport being among the more attractive sectors to EU ...

evfta brings new impetus for vietnams fishery exports EVFTA brings new impetus for Vietnam’s fishery exports

08:00 | 23/09/2020

Shipments of Vietnamese fishery products to the EU in August, the first month the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement took effect, increased by around 10 percent ...

vietnam first 126 tonnes rice to europe under evfta Vietnam first 126 tonnes rice to Europe under EVFTA   

21:24 | 22/09/2020

The first batch of 126 tonnes of fragrant rice Jasmine 85 will be officially exported to the EU under the terms of the EU-Vietnam Free ...

eu welcomes decree on timber legality assurance system of vietnam EU welcomes Decree on Timber Legality Assurance System of Vietnam

18:55 | 21/09/2020

The government Decree on Timber Legality Assurance System is an important step towards the implementation of the relevant annex of the EU-Vietnam VPA FLEGT.

browntail flights of ups launched in vietnam "Browntail" flights of UPS launched in Vietnam

18:11 | 21/09/2020

UPS’ “Browntail” flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will aid the capacity of local businesses thanks to shorting shipment timelines to within one ...

vietnam facilitates investment of eu firms pm Vietnam facilitates investment of EU firms: PM

09:19 | 17/09/2020

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on September 16 hosted a reception for Dutch and Belgian Ambassadors, Elsbeth Akkerman and Paul Jansen, along with EU investors ...

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