the path towards vietnams energy security The path towards Vietnam’s energy security

17:00 | 17/07/2019

With its strong development, Vietnam is striving to find solutions to attract more investment into energy development. John Rockhold, chairman of the Vietnam Business Forum’s ...

taking advantage of the energy potential Taking advantage of the energy potential

09:57 | 11/06/2019

Vietnam’s increasing demand for energy, and the country’s large opportunities in wind energy, has caused many investors to turn their attention to Vietnam over the ...

challenges facing vietnam in ensuring energy security Challenges facing Vietnam in ensuring energy security

11:34 | 07/08/2018

Vietnam needs an enormous amount of energy to feed its development, but relying on coal and hydropower is not the answer, and with new measures ...

us vietnam energy security dialogue inaugurated US-Vietnam Energy Security Dialogue inaugurated

11:02 | 30/03/2018

The US and Vietnam inaugurated the Energy Security Dialogue that the US only held in five countries over the world so far.

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