vietnam energy outlook report 2019 announced Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2019 announced

14:35 | 06/11/2019

The Vietnam Energy Outlook Report 2019 revealed enhanced energy efficiency and development of renewable energy at the highest level can deliver large and cost-effective carbon ...

rok experts assist energy efficiency projects in vietnam RoK experts assist energy efficiency projects in Vietnam

09:40 | 02/10/2019

A conference on the development of energy efficiency projects took place in Ho Chi Minh City on October 1.

102 million project to help vietnam improve energy efficiency $102-million project to help Vietnam improve energy efficiency

13:55 | 06/03/2018

The World Bank and the Ministry of Industry and Trade launched a $102-million project to support industrial enterprises to adopt energy-efficiency technologies.

ifc helps champion nations energy efficiency IFC helps champion nation’s energy efficiency

10:04 | 03/12/2012

Vietnamese firms are expected to use energy more efficiently and save money.

lgs inverter air conditioners boost energy saving LG’s Inverter air conditioners boost energy saving

11:31 | 08/09/2012

Since air conditioning technology was first introduced to the world in 1902 by Willis Carrier, the air conditioner has seen many developments and innovations.

siemens pushes energy efficiency plan Siemens pushes energy efficiency plan

16:39 | 15/03/2012

German-invested Siemens Group has stepped up energy efficiency at production facilities worldwide in a pilot scheme aimed at greening the enterprise.

fresh light is beamed onto a dark energy issue Fresh light is beamed onto a dark energy issue

10:01 | 14/03/2011

“These factors have all have aggravated the overall situation and have been contributing to augment the country’s GHG emissions”

economys green coloured vision Economy’s green coloured vision

10:05 | 28/12/2010

“I think there are big opportunities for Vietnam with the climate finance coming available for both adaptation and also for mitigation, by which I mean ...

climate resilient economy takes shape Climate-resilient economy takes shape

22:10 | 22/09/2010

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) congratulates Vietnam for its progression to a middle income country.

why vietnam needs a green industry Why Vietnam needs a green industry

21:10 | 22/09/2010

There are three compelling rreasons to decouple energy use from industrial output

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