mobile world reports 45 per cent plunge in after tax profit Mobile World reports 45 per cent plunge in after-tax profit

11:57 | 26/05/2020

The closing of hundreds of Mobile World stores during COVID-19 social distancing made the electronics retailer's after-tax profit drop by 45 per cent in April.

technology giant apple will produce millions of airpods in vietnam Technology giant Apple will produce millions of AirPods in Vietnam

15:56 | 09/05/2020

Tech giant Apple will allegedly produce millions of AirPods in Vietnam from this quarter – a clear move to diversify its manufacturing operations.

delta electronics to establish vietnamese subsidiary Delta Electronics to establish Vietnamese subsidiary

16:25 | 18/04/2020

Delta Electronics (Thailand) Pcl. announced via the Thai stock exchange that it will establish a new subsidiary in Vietnam to distribute electronic products.

can bach hoa xanh turn the losing tides for mobile world Can Bach Hoa Xanh turn the losing tides for Mobile World?

10:20 | 04/04/2020

Mobile World is pinning its hopes on Bach Hoa Xanh to keep it afloat during the health crisis after it was forced to close Dien ...

vsmart phones surpass apple in retail Vsmart phones surpass Apple in retail

14:52 | 09/03/2020

For the first time since launching in the market, Vsmart has surpassed Apple in retail revenue.

tiki in trouble for selling shoddy goods Tiki in trouble for selling shoddy goods

17:45 | 04/03/2020

Tiki, the most prestigious e-commerce platform in Vietnam, has gotten into trouble for selling low-quality goods and offering poor customer service.

samsung halts phone factory due to coronavirus infection Samsung halts phone factory due to coronavirus infection

11:44 | 25/02/2020

A Samsung mobile factory in South Korea has halted operations due to a coronavirus infection, while its Vietnamese facility is said to work at full ...

vien thong a changes name to vinpro Vien Thong A changes name to VinPro

10:48 | 03/12/2019

The website and facebook page of Vien Thong A has officially been renamed to VinPro, Vingroup’s retail brand for high-tech products.

lg electronics replaces ceo after net profit slumps LG Electronics replaces CEO after net profit slumps

18:22 | 02/12/2019

LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong Jin has left his position after the company reported negative profit in its smartphone department for the 18th consecutive quarter.

profit drop may hamper sharp corporation new factory plans in vietnam Profit drop may hamper Sharp Corporation new factory plans in Vietnam

11:11 | 10/11/2019

The decrease of net profit in the period between April and September may impact the plans of Sharp Corporation to develop a new factory in ...

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