sound direction for vietnams chances of economic revival Sound direction for Vietnam’s chances of economic revival

12:35 | 07/10/2020

Despite heavy aftermaths caused by the global health crisis, the Vietnamese economy remains in positive growth in the first nine months of the year on ...

nation accelerates domestic production progress Nation accelerates domestic production progress

17:28 | 09/09/2020

Though resurgence of the pandemic left a grey mark on domestic production which began to bounce back since April, it remains a key driver of ...

vietnam retaining fast growing status Vietnam retaining fast-growing status

07:00 | 02/09/2020

Over past decades, Vietnam has weathered all difficulties to orchestrate economic miracles, with its deepened international integration bringing about massive opportunities to expand trade and ...

placing msmes at heart of aseans economic recovery Placing MSMEs at heart of ASEAN’s economic recovery 

08:00 | 09/08/2020

Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) not only provide livelihoods for the most vulnerable communities, but also are leading contributors to many economies in the ...

how vietnams culture spurs economic success How Vietnam’s culture spurs economic success 2

09:00 | 07/08/2020

Recently a Japanese investor in Vietnam was proudly showing me his system for bringing Vietnamese software programmers up to Japanese standards.

economic transition required in midst of global health crisis Economic transition required in midst of global health crisis

14:00 | 31/07/2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic and a virus that is likely to be associated with climate change and pressure on natural resources, the world economy ...

economic recovery faces uphill battle Economic recovery faces uphill battle

21:38 | 20/07/2020

The aftermath of the global health crisis may drive Vietnam to a lower-than-expected economic growth landscape, challenging the government’s efforts to revive the economy and ...

caution vital for economic resurgence Caution vital for economic resurgence

08:00 | 12/07/2020

Vietnam’s economy grew 1.81 per cent in the first half of 2020

stronger actions needed for economic rebound Stronger actions needed for economic rebound 1

11:36 | 07/07/2020

The local economy is confronted with multiple hardships, and to beef up development and quickly rebound, faster and stronger actions become an urgent need.

nations economic forecast leads way Nation’s economic forecast leads way

09:42 | 30/06/2020

With its success in fighting COVID-19, Vietnam has continued to be the best performer in Southeast Asia, laying a firm foundation for the country to ...

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