rare earth prices surge as china tightens grip Rare earth prices surge as China tightens grip

10:30 | 21/06/2011

Prices of rare earths have skyrocketed this year as China moves to consolidate the sector in order to tighten its grip over the highly coveted ...

China considering rare earths strategic reserves: report

14:40 | 03/11/2010

China is considering setting up strategic reserves of 10 minor metals including rare earths, state media said Wednesday, as Beijing moves to tighten control of ...

china denies new rare earths export quota cuts China denies new rare earths export quota cuts

17:09 | 20/10/2010

BEIJING, October 20, 2010 - China on Wednesday denied making any fresh cuts in rare earths export quotas, but insisted it reserved the right to ...

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