developing e sports in vietnam Developing e-sports in Vietnam

14:13 | 24/05/2019

With the fast development of e-sports in Vietnam, Nguyen Thanh Hung, director of e-sports development at VNG, shared his ideas to develop the market.

right legislative approach for e sports in vietnam Right legislative approach for e-sports in Vietnam

17:00 | 23/05/2019

As electronic sports (e-sports) gain ground in Vietnam, they make for an exciting, and already tremendous segment of the entertainment industry – which is largely ...

rising star of e sports world Rising star of e-sports world

13:00 | 23/05/2019

With the number of players forecast to reach 26 million in 2019, electronic sports (e-sports) are a rising star of the Vietnamese and global entertainment ...

sports marketing continues to boom to make brands matter Sports marketing continues to boom to make brands matter

08:32 | 20/05/2019

Sports marketing is quickly gaining ground in Asia as more global events like the Olympic Games are held in the region and brands recognise the ...

e sports opportunities in vietnam E-sports opportunities in Vietnam

08:35 | 04/05/2019

Electronic sports (e-sports) is the rising star of the entertainment industry and Vietnam currently holds a significant advantage in this high-value business.

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