disbursement of public investment up 344 pct in 10 months Disbursement of public investment up 34.4 pct in 10 months

10:39 | 04/11/2020

The disbursement of public investment sourced from the State budget reached 354.6 trillion VND (nearly 15.3 billion USD) in the first ten months of this ...

wb loan disbursement up 55 percent WB loan disbursement up 55 percent

09:28 | 29/10/2020

Disbursement of World Bank (WB) loans had increased 55 percent year-on-year as of September 30, the Ministry of Finance revealed on October 28.

solutions tackled for disbursement of fdi Solutions tackled for disbursement of FDI

10:11 | 19/10/2020

Resetting focus on disbursing registered foreign investment capital, along with boosting the disbursement of public investment, would go a long way towards restarting socioeconomic development ...

disbursement offers construction bonanza Disbursement offers construction bonanza

10:56 | 09/05/2020

Despite the broad-based sell-off crippling equity markets, some businesses’ stocks are slated to outperform their peers thanks to the forthcoming massive disbursement of public investment.

cat linh hadong metro clears legal barriers Cat Linh-Hadong metro clears legal barriers

17:12 | 06/03/2018

Clearing the legal problems related to an additional loan, the Cat Linh-Hadong metro line is planned to begin trial operations in this September.

lang son at the crossroads of trade Lang Son at the crossroads of trade

11:40 | 12/12/2012

During 2011-2015, Lang Son province has been calling for ODA mainly for construction of critical infrastructure and improvements to health services, education, agriculture and rural ...

fdi keeps the nation smiling FDI keeps the nation smiling

10:57 | 04/09/2012

About $8 billion of foreign direct investment is expected to flow into Vietnam this year, significantly boosting economic growth and local currency stability.

instep with donors to get oda funds working well Instep with donors to get ODA funds working well

07:01 | 05/12/2011

On the occasion of annual Consultative Group Meeting in Hanoi this week, Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh shares his view with Ngoc ...

plunger used to unblock oda Plunger used to unblock ODA

09:56 | 11/10/2010

Swift action is to be taken to unblock the official development assistance disbursement pipeline.

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