concocting digital strategies fit for the new normal Concocting digital strategies fit for the new normal

08:00 | 09/05/2020

The ongoing pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges, putting critical technology to the test in far-ranging ways to support governments, businesses, and societies towards rebuilding.

digital platforms improve competitiveness Digital platforms improve competitiveness

10:01 | 22/02/2020

Digital platforms are no longer exclusive to tech companies, and they have become increasingly popular in other sectors as they look to enhance their competitiveness.

a strong vietnam by virtue of digital technology A strong Vietnam by virtue of digital technology

08:00 | 27/01/2020

Digital technology will be the key for Vietnam to realise the target of growing into a powerful nation with a thriving economy over the next ...

ma in tech drives a digital overhaul M&A in tech drives a digital overhaul

16:00 | 09/01/2020

Investors are looking to mergers and acquisitions as the fastest route to embracing digital transformation in Vietnam’s flourishing tech scene.

ktg industrial pioneers vietnams digital convergence KTG Industrial pioneers Vietnam’s digital convergence

09:49 | 07/01/2020

Industry 4.0 is making a massive impact across all areas of life and business, transforming every facet of production – a phenomenon most spectacularly seen ...

germany ready to support vietnams digital sphere Germany ready to support Vietnam’s digital sphere

08:00 | 03/01/2020

With Vietnam’s strategy to increase the quality of foreign investment in the digital age, German businesses are eyeing green and high-tech projects in the country.

digital adaptation for a security driven network Digital adaptation for a security-driven network

08:30 | 30/12/2019

Digital transformation impacts every facet of how business is conducted. But those who perhaps feel the deepest sense of change are those who work to ...

microsofts pursuit to build digital future foundations Microsoft’s pursuit to build digital future foundations

08:30 | 30/12/2019

Microsoft is one of the world’s most popular names today when it comes to computer software, but also with empowering global institutions. VIR’s Nguyen Huong ...

employee centric culture essential in the digital age Employee-centric culture essential in the digital age

10:52 | 30/10/2019

The future of work and business as well as workforce management in the digital age will be discussed at an upcoming HR event in Ho ...

opening way for digital payments Opening way for digital payments

10:35 | 25/10/2019

With the meteoric rise of non-cash payments in Vietnam, more and more banks and financial institutions are turning towards digital, subscribing to software providers like ...

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