suppliers take complaints against leflair to authorities Suppliers take complaints against Leflair to authorities

11:05 | 05/03/2020

Its inability to pay million-dollar debts has put Vietnam-based e-commerce platform Leflair at risk of being taken to court by disgruntled suppliers.

bidv puts vinaxuki on sale to recover hefty debt BIDV puts Vinaxuki on sale to recover hefty debt

13:24 | 22/02/2020

BIDV will auction off the $55 million debt of Vinaxuki, which was set up to become the first Vietnamese carmaker, but slipped into losses and ...

vmac builds strategy for debt trading VMAC builds strategy for debt trading

11:24 | 20/06/2019

The Viet Nam Asset Management Company (VAMC) is planning to develop a new strategy for buying and selling bad debts in Viet Nam this year, ...

trillions of dongs of vietinbank stuck in vinachem projects Trillions of dongs of Vietinbank stuck in Vinachem projects

13:34 | 04/04/2019

Vinachem has produced profit at one of the four of the trillion-dong loss-making projects under its management, while the others show no sign of repaying ...

licogi cannot cover debts with tiny profit Licogi cannot cover debts with tiny profit

17:41 | 20/02/2019

Construction giant Licogi earned little after-tax profit in recent years, which cannot cover the instalment payments of its half a trillion dong debts.

na approves lifting foreign debt limit NA approves lifting foreign debt limit

08:00 | 21/11/2018

Delayed projects funded via official development assistance will receive a capital boost after the National Assembly agreed to swell Vietnam’s foreign debt cap by VND60 ...

debt asset trading co expands reach to foreign invested businesses Debt Asset Trading Co expands reach to foreign-invested businesses

12:09 | 15/11/2018

Debts and non-performing loans of foreign-invested companies would now be also on the radar of the Debt and Asset Trading Company (DATC), Pham Manh Thuong, ...

court opens posco vst thanh nam group debt claim Court opens Posco VST-Thanh Nam Group debt claim

09:41 | 10/10/2018

Posco VST’s requirement to ask Thanh Nam Group is absolutely founded, but the final results is expected to release by the Hanoi People’ Court today.

phuong nam pays first dividends in seven years Phuong Nam pays first dividends in seven years

15:28 | 18/09/2018

Despite overcoming the 2017 gloom, Phuong Nam is pressed by debt and dividend payments for its shareholders who have not received dividends for seven years.

misunderstanding around nem trading jscs debt Misunderstanding around NEM Trading JSC's debt

14:35 | 10/09/2018

NEM Trading JSC may not be able to deal with a hefty debt from Vietinbank, prompting the bank to sell either the debt or the ...

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