larger 3g and 4g data packages inevitable Larger 3G and 4G data packages inevitable

16:08 | 08/07/2018

Mobile operators find it a must to come out with low-cost 3G and 4G packages.

cross border data flows how to approach the digital economy Cross-border data flows: how to approach the digital economy

17:06 | 07/05/2018

Lim May Ann, executive director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association, talked to VIR's Bich Thuy its recent study on cross-border data flows.

facebook unveils appeal process for when it removes posts Facebook unveils appeal process for when it removes posts

08:48 | 25/04/2018

Facebook said on Tuesday (Apr 24) it will give users the right to appeal decisions if the social network decides to remove photos, videos or written ...

unlocking the power of data Unlocking the power of data

10:11 | 23/04/2018

Data plays a crucial role in today’s digital age. However, organisations have not yet extracted great insights from data. Only 0.5 per cent of all ...

vietnamese users receive facebook announcement on leaked data Vietnamese users receive Facebook announcement on leaked data

16:01 | 13/04/2018

This morning, many Vietnamese users received Facebook’s announcement that their personal data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica.

facebook user data is publicly offered in vietnam Facebook user data is publicly offered in Vietnam

16:17 | 27/03/2018

Vietnamese people’s personal information being publicly offered is nothing new in Vietnam, especially since Facebook has become popular in this country.

cambridge analytica strongly denies facebook data misuse allegations entrapment of politicians Cambridge Analytica 'strongly denies' Facebook data misuse allegations, entrapment of politicians

09:17 | 21/03/2018

Cambridge Analytica, a British communications firm hired by Donald Trump's presidential campaign, said Monday (Mar 19) that it "strongly denies" allegations it inappropriately harvested data ...

organisations are not doing enough to protect data privacy pwc Organisations are not doing enough to protect data privacy: PwC

22:48 | 12/03/2018

In today’s data-driven society, privacy, security and trust are more vital and intertwined than ever before. But many organisations are not doing all they can ...

da nang gets it education gifts from s korea Đà Nẵng gets IT education gifts from S Korea

13:04 | 07/02/2018

The Korean Database Society (KDBS) has donated software programmes on database management and database quality management to the central city’s Đông Á College in order ...

google fined for street view data collection Google fined for Street View data collection

09:43 | 13/03/2013

Google agreed to pay a $7 million fine in the United States on Tuesday for stealthily collecting data from private Wi-Fi hotspots in a mapping ...

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