french vietnamese culinary interplay pairing with hennessy xo French-Vietnamese culinary interplay pairing with Hennessy X.O

16:00 | 05/11/2018

 150 VIPs in Hanoi will experience H-Gourmet presented by the world's leading cognac brand Hennessy X.O.

enjoy a taste of thailand at hanoi daewoo hotel Enjoy a “Taste of Thailand” at Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

18:36 | 16/08/2018

On August 17-26, diners will experience a “Thai culinary paradise” right at the heart of Hanoi.

discovering da nangs cuisine Discovering Da Nang’s cuisine

18:59 | 05/08/2018

Da Nang is known as a highly livable city, a city with many unique bridges and interesting attractions, but it is also an attractive destination ...

hanoi epicentre of vietnamese cuisine Hanoi - epicentre of Vietnamese cuisine

10:47 | 23/06/2018

The capital city of Hanoi is considered the epicentre of Vietnam’s rich, diverse and distinct cuisine. 

hcmc to host southern land cuisine festival HCMC to host Southern Land Cuisine Festival

08:52 | 19/05/2012

A festival featuring the cuisine of Vietnam’s southern provinces will be held in Ho Chi Minh City next week.

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