september cpi up 012 percent infographics September CPI up 0.12 percent (Infographics)

12:43 | 30/09/2020

The September CPI increased 0.12 percent from last month, 0.01 percent from December 2019, and 2.98 percent from a year earlier.

pork and oil prices key to keeping inflation under control experts Pork and oil prices key to keeping inflation under control: experts

08:56 | 06/07/2020

With huge inflation pressure on the way in the remaining months of this year, a close watch must be kept on the prices of key ...

cpi must be kept below 4 pct this year pm CPI must be kept below 4 pct. this year: PM

08:12 | 02/07/2020

Vietnam’s CPI this year must be controlled and grow by less than 4 percent, and this is one of the tasks to develop the economy ...

june cpi in ho chi minh city up 066 percent June CPI in Ho Chi Minh City up 0.66 percent

09:44 | 01/07/2020

The June CPI in Ho Chi Minh City was up 0.66 percent from last month, and up 2.1 percent from the same month last year, ...

cpi up 066 percent in june CPI up 0.66 percent in June

09:51 | 30/06/2020

The June consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.66 percent month-on-month and 3.17 percent year-on-year but was down 0.59 percent against December 2019, the General Statistics ...

may cpi shows slight reduction due to dropping petrol power rice prices May CPI shows slight reduction due to dropping petrol, power, rice prices

18:00 | 29/05/2020

The consumer price index (CPI) in May decreased by 0.03 percent against the previous month and 1.24 percent against last December, but increased by 4.39 ...

hanois cpi rises 523 percent in q1 Hanoi’s CPI rises 5.23 percent in Q1

15:23 | 30/03/2020

The consumer price index (CPI) of Hanoi in the first quarter of 2020 increased by 5.23 percent against the same period last year, according to ...

2020 inflation rate rides on outbreak eventualities 2020 inflation rate rides on outbreak eventualities

08:00 | 11/03/2020

Vietnam is likely to experience difficulties in controlling inflation this year due to global uncertainties and unexpected price rises of many items in the local ...

pork prices put pressure on cpi in 2020 experts Pork prices put pressure on CPI in 2020: experts

10:00 | 04/01/2020

The goal of keeping inflation below four per cent in 2020 would depend heavily on pork prices, heard a conference co-organised by the Academy of ...

cpi in october shows three year high rise CPI in October shows three-year high rise

09:06 | 30/10/2019

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in October picked up 0.59 percent from September, the biggest increase for the same month during the past three years, ...

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