proper brand protection strategy urgent requirement for enterprises Proper brand protection strategy: urgent requirement for enterprises

11:25 | 17/05/2021

Nguyen Vu Quan, trademark and copyright manager at KENFOX IP & Law Office, discusses the needs for domestic firms to register their brand names internationally.

lazada claiming full compliance against first news allegation Lazada claiming full compliance against First News' allegation

21:55 | 12/09/2020

Both sides are sticking to their guns, with First News pressing its lawsuit and Lazada claiming full compliance with the law.

vng sues tiktok for music copyright infringement VNG sues TikTok for music copyright infringement

22:37 | 24/08/2020

VNG is suing TikTok, the Chinese short-form video platform, for not having sufficient licences for the songs being used in its videos.

e commerce companies called to account for fake books in circulation E-commerce companies called to account for fake books in circulation

09:19 | 10/08/2020

E-commerce companies cannot deny their responsibilities behind the rampage of fake books on their platforms.

first made in vietnam drm solution meets international security standards First made-in-Vietnam DRM solution meets international security standards 1

11:41 | 17/02/2020

Sigma DRM developed by Thu Do Multimedia has become the first made-in-Vietnam DRM solution to meet international security standards by Cartesian.

journalists urge action against google over eu copyright dispute Journalists urge action against Google over EU copyright dispute

10:00 | 23/10/2019

Hundreds of journalists called Wednesday for European officials to take action against Google over its refusal to pay media companies for displaying their content in ...

facebook and google will sooner or later have to obey global laws Facebook and Google will sooner or later have to obey global laws

16:50 | 31/07/2019

France is the latest country to try to corral Facebook and Google into paying copyright fees to content creators.

thousands of counterfeit suspect honda and yamaha motor parts seized Thousands of counterfeit-suspect Honda and Yamaha motor parts seized

10:27 | 10/07/2019

Thousands of fake motor parts imitating the two leading motorcycle manufacturers Honda and Yamaha were found by the Market Management Department of Lang Son.

pops claims 15 million compensation from fpt television POPS claims $15 million compensation from FPT Television

10:20 | 29/05/2019

FPT Television may have to pay $15 million to local multi-media company POPS which accused it of illegally distributing more than 1,800 videos of the firm.

netflix may turn a corner in vietnam Netflix may turn a corner in Vietnam

09:04 | 12/01/2019

As Netflix is taking the cinema industry by storm across the world, it cannot take over Vietnam, despite being launched for three years.

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