market demand pushes role of consumer finance Market demand pushes role of consumer finance

11:13 | 30/03/2021

After a decade of development, consumer finance firms are now ramping up their transformation from digital adoption which has taken a quantum leap, to how ...

landscape shift in consumer finance Landscape shift in consumer finance

11:13 | 30/03/2021

Vietnam has posted laudable improvements in the regulatory framework, market scale, products and services, and operational efficiency when it comes to consumer finance activities in ...

sustained success for fe credit down to unique vision Sustained success for FE Credit down to unique vision

11:12 | 30/03/2021

After strong efforts to change the game of consumer finance, FE CREDIT has told of its decade-long journey to establish a solid foundation and become ...

hyundai card fails to purchase 50 per cent stake in msbs consumer finance firm fccom Hyundai Card fails to purchase 50 per cent stake in MSB's consumer finance firm FCCOM

09:01 | 26/03/2021

Despite lengthy negotiations, South Korean credit card company Hyundai Card has failed to buy a 50 per cent stake in MSB's consumer finance company FCCOM.

consumer finance new vitality after 10 year journey Consumer finance: New vitality after 10-year journey

11:00 | 25/03/2021

Experts gathered yesterday (March 25) at VIR's headquarters for the consumer finance seminar themed “Consumer finance: New vitality after a 10-year journey”.

consumer finance retains attractiveness Consumer finance retains attractiveness

09:14 | 16/03/2021

Despite the resurgence of the pandemic, investors still remain upbeat about consumer finance and pawn chain businesses in Vietnam, which are considered among the most ...

fundraising on the up in consumer finance Fundraising on the up in consumer finance

12:07 | 02/03/2021

Consumer finance companies are taking different approaches to raise cash and gain a bigger slice of the landscape.

shb finance announces changes in management team SHB Finance announces changes in management team

09:00 | 01/03/2021

Dinh Quang Huy will resign from the position of CEO and board member of SHB Consumer Finance to pursue personal plans.

fe credit experiences 163 per cent drop in pre tax profit as npls increase in 2020 FE Credit experiences 16.3 per cent drop in pre-tax profit as NPLs increase in 2020

14:01 | 06/02/2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FE Credit reported a decrease in its pre-tax profit while its non-performing loans increased to 6.6 per cent in 2020.

promoting consumer finance to fight black credit experts Promoting consumer finance to fight black credit: experts

10:17 | 24/01/2021

Promoting consumer finance and simplifying procedures for loan applications would be a priority for commercial banks, financial companies and microfinance institutions as part of efforts ...

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