hanoi tightens management over condotels officetels resort villas Hanoi tightens management over condotels, officetels, resort villas

09:56 | 04/09/2020

The Hanoi People's Committee recently issued a written request to tighten the management of the investment, construction and business of condotels, tourist villas and officetels.

condotels to flare up with legal fine tuning Condotels to flare up with legal fine-tuning

11:55 | 24/03/2020

With the tourism real estate market almost frozen after the collapse of luxury resort project Cocobay and the harsh impact of COVID-19, good news has ...

ownership certificates for condotels could solve market issues experts Ownership certificates for condotels could solve market issues: experts

11:13 | 22/02/2020

Experts believe the State's issuance of ownership certificates for non-residential real estate projects will solve existing difficulties in Vietnam’s real estate market.

condotels look to legal framework for revival Condotels look to legal framework for revival

16:00 | 10/10/2019

Positive signs have been seen in Vietnam’s condotel arena after more than two years of downturn as consumption in the third quarter of this year ...

stable condotel profits preferred Stable condotel profits preferred

15:42 | 17/07/2019

Developers of ­condotels and second home properties are providing more options for buyers by offering alternative incentives rather than the vanilla profit commitment.

risks in fledgling condotel segment Risks in fledgling condotel segment

10:23 | 25/04/2019

Despite the lack of a legal framework and phantasmagoric profit commitments, condominium-hotels (condotels) have been one of the most attractive property products among buyers. Bich ...

cleaning up condotel legislation in vietnam Cleaning up condotel legislation in Vietnam

08:00 | 25/04/2019

Appearing in Vietnam three years ago, condotels have not yet been properly integrated into the country’s laws on property buying, selling, and management. The Vietnamese ...

ensuring profitability of vietnamese condotels Ensuring profitability of Vietnamese condotels

11:00 | 24/04/2019

The condotel segment has recently emerged as one of the most attractive investments for investors. VIR’s Quynh Chau talked with Bob Merrigan Regional Director – ...

ho chi minh city asks for regulations on officetels condotels Ho Chi Minh City asks for regulations on officetels, condotels

20:44 | 31/07/2018

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has sent a document to the Government Office to ask Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to issue regulations on officetel, ...

kahuna wave comes ashore in hanoi Kahuna wave comes ashore in Hanoi

11:14 | 15/05/2018

Ho Tram Project Company will hold an investment event in Hanoi to offer its condotels and villas to buyers in the capital.

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