5 10 years of imprisonment for masterminds of online gambling ring 5-10 years of imprisonment for masterminds of online gambling ring

08:00 | 01/12/2018

The Phu Tho People’s Court sentenced the four masterminds behind the trillion-dong Rikvip online gambling ring to five to ten years of imprisonment.

court uncovers inner workings of billion dong cnc gambling ring Court uncovers inner workings of billion-dong CNC gambling ring

15:27 | 20/11/2018

At the seventh day of the trial of the CNC gambling ring, Phan Sao Nam showed extreme contrition and vowed to return his illegally obtained ...

additional bribery charges levelled at vietnams largest gambling ring Additional bribery charges levelled at Vietnam’s largest gambling ring

12:08 | 17/07/2018

Police in the northern province of Phu Tho have expanded their investigation into the largest gambling ring in Vietnam and prosecuted two businessmen of CNC ...

tech bosses of multi million dollar gambling ring arrested Tech bosses of multi-million-dollar gambling ring arrested

21:51 | 13/03/2018

Two technology officers from VTC Online and CNC were arrested for running a multi-million-dollar gambling line under the wings of former C50 director general.

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