vietnamese cloud computing market appeals suppliers Vietnamese cloud computing market appeals suppliers

12:17 | 08/04/2021

The cloud computing market appeals to both domestic and foreign suppliers despite difficulties each side has to face.

ai development key for economy experts AI development key for economy: experts

15:21 | 01/12/2020

Vietnam should use artificial intelligence in more areas to boost productivity and to improve people’s lives, experts have said.

utilising the cloud for new innovation Utilising the cloud for new innovation

09:00 | 30/09/2020

Cloud computing is acting as an enabler for businesses to modernise their operations and gain agility to respond to competitive pressures in the ASEAN region ...

tpcoms vmware partnership to transform local cloud computing market Tpcoms-VMware partnership to transform local cloud computing market

08:00 | 01/10/2019

TPCloud, the first and unique cloud infrastructure service in Vietnam that encompasses Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud, DRaaS,VDI, and more, and has been certified ...

smarter manufacturing in full swing Smarter manufacturing in full swing

10:26 | 28/08/2019

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is giving rise to smart factories where robotics, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics are used to link production and ...

osam brings aws disruptive technologies to benefit vietnamese firms OSAM brings AWS disruptive technologies to benefit Vietnamese firms

12:07 | 03/05/2019

Ho Viet Anh, CEO of OSAM Cloud Innovator and AWS Community Hero, tells VIR about his digital journey and how he engages local startups and ...

cloud computing vision outlined at internet day Cloud computing vision outlined at Internet Day

19:03 | 07/12/2018

Stores at Internet Day showed a solid foundation in infrastructure, connectivity, cloud computing eco-system, and advanced technology solutions.

lotte promises best places to live in vietnam Lotte promises best places to live in Vietnam

11:11 | 05/12/2018

The South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group’s chairman Shin Dong-bin hopes Lotte’s eco smart city projects will become the best places to live in Vietnam.

how to avoid cloud risks How to avoid cloud risks

09:49 | 02/04/2018

A recent series of high-profile breaches and leaks of sensitive data all over the world – such as with Dropbox, Tesla, and Yahoo! – have ...

vietnam stalls in bsa global cloud computing scorecard rankings Vietnam stalls in BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard rankings 1

16:34 | 08/03/2018

Vietnam ranks last of the 24 leading IT economies, signalling that the legal and regulatory environment for cloud computing is restricting cloud innovation.

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