typhoon misery for philippines on christmas day Typhoon misery for Philippines on Christmas Day

08:55 | 26/12/2019

Typhoon Phanfone pummelled the central Philippines on Christmas Day, bringing a wet, miserable and terrifying holiday to millions in the mainly Catholic nation.

gloomy christmas eve on 20th day of french strike Gloomy Christmas Eve on 20th day of French strike

10:28 | 25/12/2019

Christmas Eve 2019 was an unusually gloomy one for France, as the 20th day of a transport strike left many scrambling on Tuesday (Dec 24) ...

christmas is always warm in vietnam Christmas is always warm in Vietnam

08:00 | 23/12/2019

As the years go by, more and more Vietnamese people are becoming curious about the Christmas festive season, creating their own meaningful ways to celebrate ...

christmas atmosphere overwhelms every corner of vietnam Christmas atmosphere overwhelms every corner of Vietnam

16:14 | 26/12/2018

Christmas Eve witnessed a jubilant atmosphere overwhelming every street across Vietnam.

prayers fear in tsunami struck indonesian towns as toll tops 400 Prayers, fear in tsunami-struck Indonesian towns as toll tops 400

08:46 | 26/12/2018

The latest death toll stood at 429, with 1,485 people injured and another 154 still missing.

queen elizabeth ii warns of tribalism in christmas address Queen Elizabeth II warns of 'tribalism' in Christmas address

08:39 | 26/12/2018

The tone of the 92-year-old monarch's annual TV appearances reflected a sombre mood sweeping Britain as it ponders the perils of leaving the European Union ...

christmas dashed for residents of sydney cracking tower Christmas dashed for residents of Sydney 'cracking' tower

17:23 | 25/12/2018

SYDNEY: Some residents of a recently completed Sydney high-rise apartment block were Tuesday (Dec 25) spending their Christmas in makeshift camps, after they were evacuated ...

christmas joy missing in rubble of syria town Christmas joy missing in rubble of Syria town

09:26 | 25/12/2018

ARBIN, Syria: With Christmas approaching, Nabil al-Aash dusts off religious books as he attempts to tidy up the war-scarred Saint George Church in the town ...

festive fever in vietnam Festive Fever in Vietnam

21:54 | 24/12/2018

As the Christmas season ­arrives, Vietnam’s major cities are lighting up with cheery decorations, and the festive mood is prevalent in both foreigners and locals.

officials pay pre christmas visits to thua thien hue da nang ha nam Officials pay pre-Christmas visits to Thua Thien-Hue, Da Nang, Ha Nam

11:57 | 24/12/2018

Christmas greetings were extended to Catholic dignitaries and followers in central Thua Thien-Hue province and Da Nang city, and northern Ha Nam province by senior ...

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