hanoi to open meet europe 2018 conference Hanoi to open Meet Europe 2018 conference

15:33 | 24/05/2018

Meet Europe 2018 will be held at Melia Hotel tomorrow to promote investment and business, as well as priority areas for co-operation in the time ...

1000 ceos sharing marketing strategy 1,000 CEOs: sharing marketing strategy

16:30 | 16/04/2018

Sharing their marketing strategies as well as their stories of success and failure in trading, large-scale enterprises at 1,000 CEOs inspired SMEs and startups.

smes assisted with lobby instruments SMEs assisted with lobby instruments 1

09:38 | 06/11/2012

EU-MUTRAP Technical Assistance Team Leader Claudio Dordi writes how Vietnam’s private sector companies can benefit from the EU-funded multilateral trade suppporting project

cutting into red tape to reform business outlook Cutting into red tape to reform business outlook

16:00 | 11/09/2012

The Ministry of Planning and Investment, Agency for Business Registration and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) are about to launch an online national ...

a sharp sword successfully cuts into red tape A sharp sword successfully cuts into red tape

09:00 | 05/12/2011

Vietnam’s business landscape has seen significant improvements in recent years and part of the credit is due to the success of national business registration reform ...

tough work for foreign working pool Tough work for foreign working pool

09:00 | 10/10/2011

Notwithstanding the positive attempts made by the government in order to establish the appropriate legal framework in this field, a number of provisions of Decree ...

ministries need to bring a games Ministries need to bring A games

06:00 | 13/09/2010

“The results demonstrate that the quality of legal developments and enforcement at ministries has not satisfied the expectations of the business community”

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