tax implications on vietnams bond market Tax implications on Vietnam’s bond market

08:00 | 31/08/2018

Through the long process of formation and development, the bond market in Vietnam has been growing in both depth and scale, proving its role as ...

bond market tipped for explosive growth Bond market tipped for explosive growth

15:51 | 05/03/2013

The local bond market is set to explode and double its size by 2020.

state bank champions bond development State Bank champions bond development

09:40 | 28/08/2012

Treasury Bills were traded on secondary market on August 24 for the first time. This will strongly support the money market’s development and financial system’s ...

anz trumpets a 2012 bond market rebound ANZ trumpets a 2012 bond market rebound

07:30 | 11/04/2011

Vietnam’s bond market will bounce back strongly in 2012 thanks to an upcoming huge demand for reinvestment, according an ANZ report.

bond funds dream out of reach Bond funds’ dream out of reach

13:03 | 05/03/2011

Bond funds are struggling to touch down in Vietnam.

plan is ready to raise markets bond liquidity Plan is ready to raise market’s bond liquidity

23:15 | 05/12/2010

The Ministry of Finance is planning to buy back T-Bonds to create higher bond market liquidity.

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