speeding up markets via blockchain Speeding up markets via blockchain

10:00 | 06/06/2019

As Vietnam has posted impressive development in the realm of blockchain technology over the last two years, future applications into financial technology and property will ...

the unmentioned cybersecurity risks in blockchain adoption The unmentioned cybersecurity risks in blockchain adoption

08:00 | 01/04/2019

Matthew Kuan, solutions marketing director for Fortinet in the Asia-Pacific, told VIR about securing the future of blockchain in the region, including Vietnam.

vuong quang long tomochain ceo the messenger of blockchain Vuong Quang Long, Tomochain CEO: The messenger of blockchain

14:00 | 01/03/2019

Vietnamese blockchain startup Tomochain is gunning to grow into Coinmarketcap’s top 100 cryptocurrencies by the end of this year.

blockchain revolution in healthcare Blockchain revolution in healthcare

09:00 | 10/02/2019

In healthcare, tremendous amounts of data are generated by medical documentation, regulatory requirements, and patient care.

the future made real at fedex The future made real at FedEx 1

18:11 | 31/01/2019

Fedex wades deep into disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and blockchain, which are being hailed as game changers.

scb forges ahead to use industry 40s potential SCB forges ahead to use Industry 4.0’s potential

10:54 | 02/10/2018

To keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, banks around the world as well as in Vietnam are being proactive in ...

four out of five executives report blockchain initiatives underway Four out of five executives report blockchain initiatives underway

16:15 | 31/08/2018

84 per cent of executives surveyed by PwC report blockchain initiatives underway, while 15 per cent are fully live.

blockchain vietnam needs personnel Blockchain Vietnam needs personnel

11:39 | 15/07/2018

As blockchain is becoming a new trend, the domestic personnel shortage has been quite a headache, despite recruitment notices offering $2,000-3,000.

blockchain can aid agriculture sector experts Blockchain can aid agriculture sector: experts

10:11 | 08/07/2018

Using blockchain to store agricultural data is a great way to check the quality of products and thus earn customer trust due to its transparent ...

fintech firms need support from banks sbv Fintech firms need support from banks: SBV

11:02 | 31/05/2018

The fintech (financial technology) sector is facing difficulties of capital mobilisation shortage, inadequate legal framework and banks’ hesitance in co-operation, said Le Minh Hung, Governor ...

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