is it safe to invest bitcoin in 2020 Is it safe to invest Bitcoin in 2020?

16:00 | 06/01/2020

So far, we have taken a fairly general look at the history of money; the concept of Bitcoin as "digital gold"; and a number of ...

european stock markets rally on brexit deal italy budget hopes European stock markets rally on Brexit deal, Italy budget hopes

09:36 | 27/11/2018

LONDON: European stock markets rallied on Monday (Nov 26) after Britain sealed a Brexit deal with the EU and as Italy said it could cut ...

wall street greets bitcoin with interest and worry Wall Street greets bitcoin with interest and worry

11:52 | 23/10/2018

Bitcoin may be the fraud of the century, depending on whom you believe, or it could be a gold mine for early adopters.

nyse joins forces with starbucks on bitcoin platform NYSE joins forces with Starbucks on bitcoin platform

10:52 | 04/08/2018

The New York Stock Exchange's parent company announced plans on Friday (Aug 3) to launch a bitcoin trading platform and partner with Starbucks on a ...

hackers steal us 30 million from top seoul bitcoin exchange Hackers steal US$30 million from top Seoul bitcoin exchange

09:16 | 21/06/2018

Hackers stole more than US$30 million worth of cryptocurrencies from South Korea's top bitcoin exchange, sending the unit's price falling around the world on Wednesday ...

cryptocurrencies tumble after south korea hack Cryptocurrencies tumble after South Korea hack

14:07 | 11/06/2018

Cryptocurrencies plunged in Asia on Monday (Jun 11) after a hack on a South Korean exchange sparked fresh concerns about the safety of the digital ...

mof targets bitcoin machines MoF targets bitcoin machines

11:13 | 06/06/2018

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has proposed to temporarily halt the import of bitcoin mining machines to improve the management of bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions.

prime minister signs directive on strengthening management of cryptocurrency Prime Minister signs directive on strengthening management of cryptocurrency

11:04 | 12/04/2018

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed a directive strengthening the management of activities related to bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

regulation and apathy hit bitcoin market Regulation and apathy hit bitcoin market

15:19 | 30/03/2018

Wild fluctuations within the bitcoin market have once again sparked debate between investors who believe it is merely undergoing a "correction" and those who see ...

hackers demanding bitcoin ransom attack atlanta city computers Hackers demanding bitcoin ransom attack Atlanta city computers

09:21 | 24/03/2018

Hackers demanding ransom payable in bitcoin have attacked computers of the Atlanta city government in the southern US state of Georgia, officials say.

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