manufacturing analytics in electronics industry pivot to quality in the new normal Manufacturing analytics in electronics industry – Pivot to quality in the “New Normal”

16:23 | 24/02/2021

Derek Ong, Electronic Industrial Software Solutions manager, Keysight Technologies, tells how manufacturing analytics is a pivot to quality in the new normal.

vietnams banking industry set to be revolutionised by big data and cloud computing Vietnam’s banking industry set to be revolutionised by big data and cloud computing

16:54 | 09/02/2021

AI, big data, and cloud computing are revolutionising industries and banking is no different. Banks in developing economies stand to benefit the most.

ai development key for economy experts AI development key for economy: experts

15:21 | 01/12/2020

Vietnam should use artificial intelligence in more areas to boost productivity and to improve people’s lives, experts have said.

data sharing and security top concern for banks experts Data sharing and security top concern for banks: experts

09:21 | 05/10/2020

Big data is a vital issue for banks in the digital transformation process, with data sharing and security top concerns, experts have said.

made in vietnam social network lotus to make debut Made-in-Vietnam social network Lotus to make debut

14:39 | 21/08/2019

VCCorp has informed that the pilot version of its “Lotus” social network will officially be launched on September 16.

the non linear future of new global value chains The non-linear future of new global value chains

08:00 | 21/06/2019

As Vietnam attempts to transform its economy into something fit for the digital world, one of the most important things is to develop its supply ...

ensuring data helps in decision making Ensuring data helps in decision-making

12:32 | 16/05/2019

Big Data analysis is something of a bet on the future and forecasts that envision gigantic sales and hip business models can be described as ...

applying ai in vietnams agriculture Applying AI in Vietnam’s agriculture

10:00 | 19/02/2019

With its strong performance over the past few years, Vietnam’s agricultural sector is surging to become smarter. Nguyen Ky Tai, researcher at the University of ...

how can big data drive the future of insurance How can Big Data drive the future of insurance?

08:00 | 16/01/2019

Technology and innovation are having great impacts on the transforming Vietnamese insurance industry and Big Data brings further opportunities and challenges.

data management the new challenge beyond industry 40 Data Management – the new challenge beyond Industry 4.0

13:56 | 15/12/2018

Data has the potential to contribute to the development of humanity, but also poses unpredictable risks without proper governance.

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