evfta helps advance domestic agriculture EVFTA helps advance domestic agriculture

08:57 | 17/02/2020

Despite also including barriers and regulations, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement will benefit Vietnamese agriculture, with businesses supporting farmers to cash in on new opportunities ...

environment protection regulator reasserts safety of glyphosate Environment protection regulator reasserts safety of glyphosate

09:36 | 10/02/2020

The US Environmental Protection Agency has reaffirmed its conclusion of the safety of glyphosate in a new report.

bayer dedicated to science education Bayer dedicated to science education

09:55 | 22/01/2020

Bayer and Oxford University Clinical Research Unit have joined hands with Ho Chi Minh City to roll out the second phase of the Khoa hoc ...

digital solutions from bayer help advance agriculture Digital solutions from Bayer help advance agriculture

10:20 | 23/09/2019

Vietnam’s agricultural sector will be one of the biggest winners from the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), as a reduction in tariffs will increase demand ...

bayer enlists hi tech for sustainable agriculture Bayer enlists hi-tech for sustainable agriculture

09:21 | 20/05/2019

Operating in Vietnam for 25 years, Bayer Vietnam has made great contributions to the country’s agricultural development in the way of digitalisation, particularly in the ...

bayers contributions to a sustainable vietnam Bayer’s contributions to a sustainable Vietnam

13:00 | 30/04/2019

Since its inception in 1994, German group Bayer has grown rapidly and contributed significantly to the growth of Vietnam, with two production sites in Dong ...

high tech path to sustainability High-tech path to sustainability

12:24 | 24/09/2018

Advanced technology promises to increase Vietnam’s safe, environmental friendly and quality agricultural production. However, a science-based, internationally-aligned, functional, and transparent regulatory system is crucial for ...

half the crops in would be lost without pesticides Half the crops in would be lost without pesticides

16:18 | 30/08/2018

Instead of banning farmers from using pesticides, they should be steered towards using effective and friendly pesticides with the use of appropriate dosage.

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